Insight: The Steeping Room

Inspired by Penny University, a pop-up brew bar in London, The Steeping Room is the latest addition to the coffee scene in Singapore by the team at Papa Palheta and Loysel's Toy.

Following the pop-up concept, The Steeping Room will be open only for the period of three months. During this time, owners Mellisa and Chloe seek to create a different coffee experience and showcase alternative brewing methods through the unique coffee concept store.

Brewed coffee is coffee served in its simplest and cleanest articulated form, but less common in Singapore as opposed to Espresso coffee. So, The Steeping Room is set up essentially as a space for exhibiting and appreciating brewed coffee with the mission to "showcase that coffee can be sweet, floral, fruity and nutty" too!

Tastefully mounted on a wooden plank, the menu looks intricate – more apt for an art piece – and is filled with terminologies fit for a coffee aficionado, alien to most.


Furnished with laboratory-styled glass apparatus, The Steeping Room has a minimalistic set-up, with a little more than a product exhibition shelf, a rustic wood counter and five cushioned stools.


Precision and patience are de facto in the mastery of syphon coffee brewing. It is required that the makers painstakingly measure the amount of beans and water level while making sure that both temperature and time brewing is optimal too.


This method yields a clean cup of coffee, simple and smooth.


The pairing of coffee with chocolate enhances the aromatic naunces of the former too.


Cold Drip: The essence of Guatemala Antigua dripped to perfection – a product of several days at a stretch.


The Baristas – and educators of coffee – playing host to guests, giving an account of the intricacies behind coffee brewing and tasting.


Having a cup of coffee at The Steeping Room is not just a matter of getting the caffeine for the day but an experience that is engaging, informative and intriguing as well.

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