• JIAK/家: Private Home Dining with Singaporean-Style Omakase

    Home is where the heart is, and there indeed is plenty of heart in this culinary-centered home. JIAK/家 is a private home dining concept that immerses its diners in a contemporary Asian home ambiance while they feast on the epitome of Singaporean cuisine. Read More
  • Mythz & Myths Bar

    Since the dawn of human civilization, people have always been fascinated with divinity. The human desire to understand the universe therein bore innumerable sequences of myths, legends and folklore of epic proportions. From that very same archaic proclivity to conjure fantastical myths for ineffable mysteries, Mythz & Myths Bar was born, as testament to the mystifying ecstasy that eating and drinking Read More
  • Rookery: Wagyu Beef & Whiskies in the CBD

    There is nothing like a good glass of whiskey to drown that work week misery. Working in the city is a dreary rat race that can drain your spirits. Fortunately, there are establishments in the CBD designed to alleviate burnout from the daily grind, such as Rookery, with a plethora of beers, cocktails, wines, and spirits to go along hand-in-hand Read More
  • An Opulent Omakase Luncheon @ Chef's Table

    Deep, rich and intoxicating tendrils of aroma permeate the air as soon as the glass door to Chef’s Kitchen swishes open, gently coaxing and beckoning you deeper within the enclave, right by where the restaurant’s skylight illuminates from the heavens on the Holy Grail of all omakases. Read More
  • 30 Once-in-a-Lifetime Things to Do in Greece

    The magnificence of Greece is unparalleled to any other country in the world; from its awe-inspiring legends of vengeful gods and vicious giants to ornate temples and intricate statues of bygone ancient civilizations carved out of marble. Read More
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Worrying Ways and How to Stop

1. Thinking Over, and over again... and again!

Mulling over the same issue repeatedly and relentlessly pondering over the question of "why?" would not help solve problems. Unfortunately, even extensive worrying on our own side will not help us make sense of the matter.

So, write down whatever issues you are worrying about at hand and decide once and for all: can I do something about it? If so, can I solve it immediately? If not, write a physical note to remind yourself. Once it's done, give a satisfactory strike across the item. Do not throw away this note – it may be the way you make peace with whatever is the issue.

2. Seeking Constant Reassurance

In making certain life decisions, no matter how big or small, some of us have the tendency to seek the opinions of our friends, family and especially our spouses. This may stem from insecurity of the decision made, or simply the need for approval. But asking people repeatedly will only cause annoyance rather than have you convinced.

Stop! Ask yourself why aren't you convinced? What are your fears? What's holding you back from believing in the decision you have made? Eliminate these issues by research or asking just one friend – who has the expertise – for his or her opinion. After doing so, accept that you have done all you could and leave what you can't control; move on.

3. Misleading Information

Maybe you are going to attempt an extreme sport like skydiving. You have your fears and they may or may not be unreasonable. However, the worrywart in you will have you google "skydiving accidents" or even "death by skydiving". Sure, these incidents may be authentic and real. But it is biased; would you be googling "skydiving accidents are rare" or "skydiving is absolutely safe"? By searching the world wide web for accidents, you are guaranteed to find some, confirming your fears.

Question yourself, am I collecting objective information or am I simply searching for sources to confirm the dangers? Weigh the value of your research carefully and balance them out instead of panicking unnecessarily.

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