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Hiring 101 - Selecting 'The One'

It is a long list to check when assessing and selecting the best-suited candidate for your vacancy such as skills, attitude, experience and interest. And the best way to evaluate this is, of course, an interview. Now that you are at the other end of the table, what kind of questions do you ask and what do you have to consider in the interviewees' answers? As mentioned, it is definitely not a short list and here are just some essential (but not an exclusive) list of points to consider:

Cover the Basics

What are the basic requirements you need him or her to have? For example, if you need someone to do the accounts, you will need him or her to have basic accounting skills. Regardless of attitude or aptitude, certain skills are necessary. Those who don't even qualify here, don't waste your time and eliminate them right at their resumes or with a phone call.

Check the Attitude

Seek the motivations of the applicant by making small talk and get to know them on a more personal level. Why did he or she apply for this job and at your company out of so many other possibilities? How important will this job be to him or her, if successful?

Speak to their hearts to pick out people who genuinely care and share common goals with your company and team. If your goals are aligned with their passions or interest, you are likely to have enthusiastic employees who would be self-driven and even take the initiative to suggest improvements, growing your business!

Consider the Personality

Look out for personality traits, be it verbal or nonverbal, that will fit or not fit the job description and tasks, as well as the rest of the team's dynamics. An opinionated person would be a good choice for a leadership position or one that requires decisions to be made but would be disastrous for a support role; a quality that is good in a certain role may just be the curse for another. Likewise, adding another strong-headed person into a team of people with similar temperament may not be such a good idea…


Glean an idea of the candidate's past experience and carry out a quick background check with the help of the references provided in his or her resume before the actual hire. You want to make sure that he or she can really walk their talk – just in case you met with a too great a speaker.

Remember: the cheapest, or most willing to work for the least amount of money, is not necessary the best, but neither might be the candidate that demands the most. So pick wisely!

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