Gift Wrap Hacks To Guide You Through Christmas

christmas presents
If you don't want to spend more money than you have already done on presents by paying someone to fold some pretty paper, you might want to learn about these gift wrap hacks that will make your life a lot easier for this coming Christmas.
1. Wrap a Box in 10 Seconds
Wrapping a box compared to an irregular shaped object is a whole lot easier, however if you ditch the traditional way and follow this method, you can wrap it in 10 seconds!
2. Tulle Bows
tulle bows
Anyone can tie a bow, but whether the bow will turn out looking perfect is a whole other different story. If you can't tie a bow as perfect as Tiffany & Co's salespeople can, you might want to opt for tulle. Just buy a little bit of tulle and tie a simple dead-knot, and voila! Gorgeous, easy and a whole lot cheaper!
3. Santa Gift Wrap
santa gift wrap
Another alternative to a ribbon is this pretty straight forward Santa's belt. It works well on any red wrapping paper, even ones with patterns. Just remember to get a red base wrapping paper though.
4. Craft Wrapping Paper
craft wrapping paper
Wrapping paper is really expensive. Instead of spending too much money on something that people will simply tear, crumple and throw away, try craft paper instead! You can decorate it any way you like it, and it is a fun hobby to do with friends.
5. Decorative Tape
christmas presents
Decorative tae can be bought from most book stores at a really affordable price. Wrap your gifts in some brown paper, stick on the tape in a festive pattern and you are good to go!
6. Marker + Wrapping Paper
gift wrap ideas
A gold permanent marker and black wrapping paper will make for an elegant, personalized gift wrap.
7. Fabric Wraps
cloth gift wrap
Fabric wrap pulls double duty as a wrap and an extra gift for the recipient. It’s also REALLY easy to do.
8. Tissue Paper Toppers
tissue paper toppers
Learn how to make tissure paper toppers. They are simply gorgeous and also make pretty party décor.
9. Pringles Can Cookies
pringles can box
Reuse empty Pringles can to and wrap a nice wrapping paper around them to gift cookies to friends and family during the holidays.
10. DIY Gift Bag
diy gift bag
Gift bags are expensive. How about making your own from any wrapping paper?
11. Foliage Topper
gift wrap ideas
Add some foliage from fallen leaves and dried flowers instead of a ribbon. It is naturally beautiful and free.
12. Candy Wrapping Method
If you are completely hopeless at wrapping, try the candy wrapping method. It is effortless, super easy and adorable.
13. Toilet Paper Roll Boxes
toilet roll box
Toilet paper rolls can be easily converted to little boxes to store little gifts. Just remember to decorate them!
14. Printable Boxes
printable boxes
Someone had already done all the work for you by creating templates of gift boxes and putting them on the internet for free downloads. Just print, cut and fold along the dotted lines!

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