Man Who Likes to Have Sex with His Male Dog Reveals His Life as a Zoophile

You have probably read about people engaging in bestiality but have most likely not heard about it from the horse's mouth itself. It is in fact quite interesting to have a peek into the inner workings of a zoophile's mind and his own opinions into bestiality. An anonymous man created a thread on Reddit exposing the story behind his unorthodox sexual preference and welcomed anyone's questions or discussions about it.
Let's name this anonymous man D just for convenience sake. D shared his story on Reddit under the subreddit IAMA. D wrote that ever since he was around 14 and 15 years old, he has been attracted to animals emotionally, physically and sexually. He is particularly fond of dogs since childhood, and later developed more into that. The dog breeds he is sexually attracted to are (thankfully, big ones) Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Huskies, German Shepherd Dogs, Hovawarts, and Malamutes.
He recounted the time when he was in his mid teens and how he loved spending time with his friend's chocolate Labrador Retriever, and soon found himself deeply attracted to her. D would spend most of his time at his friend's house just playing and cuddling with her, and found it very arousing when she would lick his hands and face. D's friend noticed that he was very close to her dog, she told him that she was planning to breed the dog and promised to give him one of the puppies. D was ecstatic to hear that. However, before that happened, the dog got ran over by a car and died on impact. He was devastated when he was told the news and cried for a long time over it.
“I really did love her, and as soon as I realized that, she was taken away from me. She made me realize that my feelings and attraction towards animals are real,” D wrote. And that was how it all started.
D is not exclusively attracted to just animals though. He is bisexual with both people and animals. He has both a human and an animal partner, both of which happen to be male. Coincidentally, his human boyfriend is also a zoophile, and they both met in a zoophile chat. D says that he can't be 100% satisfied by either alone as people and animals both have different qualities to offer and it will be hard living without having both of them.
Unlike other zoophiles, D is not ashamed of how he is even though he knows that this lifestyle is not something that most people would be tolerant of, so he has chosen not to reveal it to his family even though he has come out to some of his friends, most of them are neutral or supportive towards his ways.
There are many comments posted on the thread advising him to seek professional help, but D firmly stands by the belief that there is no reason for him to seek help because he does not have a mental disorder and it does not interfere with his life nor his ability to function in society. He also has not faced abuse or anything similar from being a zoophile.
D states that animals are able to have a consensual sexual relationship with a human as long as you know the right signs to look out for. “They would normally do the same things to you that they would do to a fellow animal to show that they are interested. I am fairly confident that, yes, animals and humans can have consensual sexual relationships. Many people have argued this with me in the past, but I have always had enough points to either convince them or have them give up.”
Animal lovers indignantly tell him that what he is doing is wrong and is considered animal abuse because there is still no way of telling that the dog is consensual since it can't speak for itself, to which D pointed out that “If a dog can consent to being neutered, if animals could consent to being slaughtered for meat, if a dog can consent to forced breeding, then why can't it consent to sex with a human? I emphasize breeding because when you breed dogs, you are persuading or coercing them into having sex. The only difference that has from sex with a human is, well, it's with a human. Please stop making assumptions that animals can't consent if you're one of the people who do these things without their consent anyway.”
D also assured others that in the infrequent times he engages his dog, he stops having sex with his dog whenever he appears to not be enjoying it. His only bestiality experience is with this one dog.
“I don't coerce him to do anything sexual. I leave it completely up to him. (A couple of times, I haven't even gotten a choice in the matter :/ ) He does initiate, and is usually the one to do so. I back off if he doesn't like what I'm doing” D wrote. “The reason why I compare it to forced breeding and other things is to show that others may find themselves accepting of other situations where the animal may be often coerced into doing things. It's to help people reconsider their views.”
There are many mixed opinions on D's zoophilic tell-all, some redditors are simply bewildered and curious, others are supportive and open-minded, while a handful are disgusted, angry and totally against the idea of having sex with animals. It kind of makes you wonder if any of the dog walkers you see in the park are leading secret zoophile lives too huh?
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Information Source: Reddit

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