How To Compose A Pitbull Song In 7 Easy Steps

If you're a huge fan of Pitbull's catchy tunes and can't get enough of his songs, you might want to consider making a Pitbull song of your own! Pitbull has had many of his singles reach number one on the charts worldwide, but don't be intimidated, composing a Pitbull song is actually simpler than you think.
7 Simple Steps on How to Create a Pitbull Song:
  2. Say some random spanish words like “mama”, “latina”, etc.
  3. Say “Mr. Worldwide”.
  4. Say some unintelligible sentences fast.
  5. Say “dale!”
  6. Say the names of four big cities.
  7. Rip off another song's melody, and increase the tempo to make it sound more upbeat.
If you've followed all 7 steps, congratulations! You're on your way to making a potential #1 Pitbull song!
Share this with any Pitbull fans and stay tuned for the next upcoming tutorial: How To Produce A Pitbull Music Video.

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