One Woman Was Shocked Upon Discovering What Her Dog Had in its Mouth

baby badger
Our pets like bringing back the strangest things to us after frolicking about in the park. My little Pomeranian picks up anything she can find and proudly sprints back to me and drops her gift in my hand, it has ranged from pebbles to a cluster of ants. One woman, whose Jack Russell Terrier enjoys doing the same, got the shock of her life when her dog brought something wriggling around in its mouth to her.
The woman gently pulled out what her dog had in its mouth and realized that it was a tiny, little, pink baby badger whose eyes have not opened yet. Knowing that badgers are endangered in England, she contacted her local animal rescue organization who then brought the newborn to the Secret World Widlife Rescue in Somerset.
baby badger
The best thing for the baby badger would for it to be nursed by its mother, but because there was no way of telling where his specific family in, the rescue took it in and cared for it. For all anyone knows, the woman's Jack Russell could have found it without its family already and brought it back to its owner so that she could save it. At just 5 days old, it is very lucky to be alive as baby badgers usually don't leave their underground homes until at least 12 weeks.
baby badger
The badger was found to be a baby boy and they named him “Little Star”. He is being kept in an incubator and fed from a syringe, they also keep a warm water bottle near him to simulate his mother. Little Star is a strong little fighter and it looks like he is going to be living a happy and healthy life.
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Information Source: Little Things

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