33 Women Whose Eyebrows Are Definitely Not On Fleek

eyebrows on fleek
The term “eyebrows on fleek” just recently came about from a vine posted by user Peaches Monroee in which she films herself saying “We in this bitch. Finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek. Da fuq.” Like all other internet sensations, we don't know how this got sensationalized especially when it's so incoherent, but it just did. The short clip garnered over 27 million views, and thus the term “eyebrows on fleek” was born.
It probably shot to fame for its irony, when Peaches Monroee said that her eyebrows were on fleek, she meant that they were on point, or groomed to perfection, or awesome but in her vines that was clearly not the case. Eyebrows are an important feature, if you change the shape of your eyebrows, it could drastically change your appearance.
Other than Peaches Monroee, there are many other delusional people out there who drew their eyebrows on, looked at themselves in the mirror, and thought to themselves “dayumm son, ma eyebrows on fleek yo,” but their eyebrows are definitely not on fleek. And when you upload something on to the internet, it stays there forever so you can be humilated for many decades to come. These ladies will be immortalized on the internet not only because their eyebrows are not on fleek, they are also “what the f**k were you even thinking?”
eyebrows on fleek
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