This Manila Security Guard Has The Voice of an Angel

singing security guard
TV Shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent and The Voice has given many talented singers the opportunity to show the world what they've got even if they are not well connected in the industry, because we all know that most musicians today made it to where they are not because they know someone who knows someone who knows someone. But there are still many unknown people who have voices like angels that have still yet to be discovered, take for example, this unassuming security guard in Davao City, Philippines.
While working his shift, this security guard felt himself nodding off, and to entertain himself, he decided to record himself belting out Back At One by Brian Mcknight. Panties drop for men who are gifted in singing, especially if they perfectly hit all the right notes for love songs. This guy would probably have a lot going for him if someone from the music industry actually picks him up and grooms him into a proper musician. Especially when you think about how this security guard sounds like an angel as soon as he opens his mouth to sing to his shitty camera phone, while Brian Mcknight had to record it over and over again in the a sudio and tweak his voice a little bit with studio equipment.
Check out what this security guard can do with his hidden talent!
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