Workers Found The Cutest Baby Deer Which Didn't Want To Be Let Go

spoiled deer
While trimming a path for electric lines, two workers narrowly missed a precious little fawn tangled in the wooded area. The baby deer was under great distress when they rescued it from the prickly brambles, but they discovered a way to calm it down that it can't seem to get enough of.
One of the workers picked the deer up, cradled it in his arms and started rubbing its belly. That seemed to calm the deer down considerably, if you watch the video you can see the look of pure bliss on the baby's face. But the man was a little bit too successful in calming the fawn down. Whenever the man tried to put the spoiled little cutie down, it would cry and adjust itself back into the man's arms.
The workers said that the little deer was eventually okay with being let down, but it followed them around their job site for about another hour “like a lost puppy” until they noticed a doe nearby silently observing them. Assuming that that's the fawn's mummy, the workers carried the baby deer over to her while she cautiously looked on. When the worker set the fawn down, it ran straight for the doe and they walked off together.
Check out the video of the fawn refusing to be put down here.
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