9 Extremely Scary True Stories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

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With Halloween just around the corner, we are all in the mood to scare and be scared. This compilation of spooky tales, while some have not been proven to be 100% authentic, have also never been debunked before. Only read on if you are fine with forgoing your sleep tonight.
1. The Devil Twin
Edward Mordrake
Edward Mordrake was a handsome, incredibly talented man born in 19th Century England with noble blood. He had everything going for him except that if you looked at him from the back, you would scream in terror. On the back of his head, he had an extra face said to be that of a girl's which couldn't eat or speak, but it was able to laugh and cry. The devil twin was able to exhibit signs of intelligence of the malevolent kind. It would smile and sneer when Edward cried, its eyes would follow the movements of anyone walking infront of it, and its lips would open and close as if it was blabbering away but no sound would come out from it. Edward reportedly begged doctors to surgically remove his “demon face”, claiming that it whispered evil thoughts into his head at night. But no doctor dared attempt to remove it fearing that the surgery would cost Edward his life itself. Eventually Edward couldn't take the torment anymore and committed suicide at the age of 23.
2. Abraham Lincoln's Dream
Abraham Lincoln
A few days before he was assassinated in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln told several members of his cabinet, as well as his wife, Mary, about a bizarre dream he had. In his dream, Lincoln saw a soldier standing by a coffin. “Who is dead in the White House,” Lincoln asked the soldier. The soldier replied: “The President. He was killed by an assassin.”
3. Unwanted Limbs
sandra jerry springer
Sandra started crossing dressing as a woman when she was a 12-year-old boy, then became a transsexual at age 35. What's so creepy about transsexuals, you ask. Nothing. But this transsexual had a very sick, masochistic desire when she was just 14, and that was that she didn't want her legs. “I didn't want them, and my brain kept saying get rid of them, so I had to get rid of them,” she explained. After her transition into a woman, she tried all ways to rid herself of her legs, including injecting her kneecaps with her own feces and chemicals, cutting her legs with razor blades, hammering nails into her knees, trying to chop it off with a self-made guillotine but that was all to no avail. Eventually, she simply decided to take a chain saw and hacked off her legs from the knees down without any anesthesia or alcohol. She says she has never looked back since and is happy being legless. Sandra is not the only one who has done this before, there are many other reported cases of people from all over the world who desperately wish to have their healthy limbs removed, often harboring that desire since they were children.
4. The Undead Man
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On September 20, 1885, a man received a letter from his brother, whom he thought had been dead for thirteen years. The person who wrote the letter claimed to be his brother, and stated that he had quietly sneaked away to seek treatment for a mental condition. The handwriting on the letter matched his brother's, so the man had his brother's coffin dug up, and found it empty. The letter also said that the brother planned to visit, but he never came and no further communication was ever received.
5. Curse of the Mongol Tomb
mongol tomb
On 21 June 1941, Soviet archaeologists were sent by Stalin to excavate the tomb of Timur, who achieved the titled of Great Khan in 1369, and was the great grandson of Genghis Khan. The archaeologists ignored the warnings of the locals that disrupting the tomb would lead to a great war. On Timur's tomb, arabic words read, “When I arise from the grave, the world will tremble.” The very next day, June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa, the longest and most brutal invasion carried out during WWII, was implemented. Hundreds of thousands died within the first weeks. After losing millions of Soviet soldiers and civilians, the Russians returned Timur back to his tomb with full Islamic burial rites.
6. The Killer Cellphone Number
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Every person who has had the mobile phone number 0888-888-888 has died in a terrible manner. Quite ironic, considering how the Chinese covets the number 8, as it sounds like the word “prosper” in mandarin. The number was first issued in 2000 to a CEO of a Bulgarian mobile phone company, he died of cancer in 2001 at just 48. The next victim the mobile phone number claimed was a Bulgarian mafia boss, he was subsequently gunned down by an assassin in the Netherlands while he was out eating with a model. He died at age 31. The phone number was then passed to a crooked business man secretly running a cocaine business who met the same fate in 2005 as the phone number's immediate predecessor. Since the third death, spooked phone companies have indefinitely suspended the number.
7. The Ourang Medan
The Ourang Medan
In February 1948, distress calls were picked up by numerous ships near Indonesia from the Dutch freighter SS Ourang Medan. In broken English, a distraught man stated in Morse code: “S.O.S. from Ourang Medan * * * we float. All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead * * *.” This message was then followed by indecipherable Morse code then one final chilling message, “I die.” When a rescue party boarded the ship, they found that all of the crew and officers of the Ourang Medan were dead with their eyes wide open staring blanklessly at the sun, mouths gaping, arms outstretched with a look of terror frozen on their faces. No injuries were found on the bodies and the ship appeared undamaged in any way. A fire then suddenly broke out in the ship's cargo hold, forcing the search party to evacuate the SS Ourang Medan. It was then observed that the ship exploded into a giant fireball and sunk, erasing away all evidence of the mysterious occurrence.
8. A Roll of Undeveloped Film
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In 1997, Rita Swift found an old roll of undeveloped film while looking through an antique cedar chest in her guest room. It had a note attached “taken in our backyard Sep. 1969”. Rita got the roll developed and 19 out of the 20 photos taken developed successfully. The first 16 pictures were photos of Rita's daughter who was 5-year-old at the time the photo was taken, her cat, her swing set and a bunch of other normal backyard pictures. But when it reached pictures 17 through 19, the photos drastically changed. The last three developed pictures were also taken in the backyard, but it displayed a different event of a time long gone when Indians owned the land. The photos depicted several people dressed in mid-1800s Native American garb. The first photo is of what appears to be a close-up of three men dancing in a body of water. The second depicts a large animal, like a cow or an ox, and several people surrounding it. The third is of a large fire and a large grouping of people dancing in a circle.
9. The Man in The Mask
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The book and movie “The Man in the Iron Mask” was apparently based on a true story. In 1669, King Louis XIV sent a man to the Fortress of Pignerol who had neither been charged, tried, or convicted of any crime. He was made to wear a mask of velvet and whalebone. He was assigned a special guardman to make sure he was not seen, heard, or recognised. After being moved to several prisons, the masked man died in 1703 with no one but the king of France knowing who he was or why he was incarcerated.

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