Cannibal Cuisine: London Chefs Create Human Flesh Burger

human flesh burger
You can never go wrong with burgers right? You can virtually slap any kind of good meat (or mock-meat) in between two buns, slide in some vegetables and you have yourself a hearty meal. If you think you have tried every possible burger combination ever though, you are wrong. Because you have never tasted the human flesh burger.
I don't want to sound like a psychopathic, aspiring cannibal, but I have always wondered how human flesh tastes like. Just imagine, if Kobe beef is so damn delicious because the farmers pamper each cow like a spoiled child, massaging them and feeding them hefty quantities of sake and beer mash everyday, wouldn't meat from a human being taste equally, if not, more awesome than Kobe beef due to our indulgent lifestyle choices? If you are just as curious as me, there is finally something to satisfy our curiosity now without us actually resorting to murdering someone and hacking him up to cook in a stew.
human flesh burger
Before the patties are cooked
Don't worry, the human flesh burger is not really made up of human flesh, it has just been made to taste like human flesh. The controversial cannibal burger was developed by Messhead – a collaboration between London-based food creatives Miss Cakehead and Mess London chef James Thomlison – to mark the launch of season 5 of The Walking Dead.
But how do the chefs go about replicating the taste of human flesh if they themselves don't know what it tastes like? Well the Messhead team's ingenious idea was to study the testimonials of notorious cannibals, including the author and journalist William Seabrook, who described the taste of human flesh as being like “good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef.”
Mmm... veal.
human flesh burger
So after much experimentation, the people from Messhead decided on a burger mix that included pork, veal, chicken liver and bone marrow that they believe best imitate the taste and texture of human flesh.
If you are in London and feeling adventurous and mildly cannibalistic, you might want to grab yourself a free bite of the human flesh burger on Tuesday 30th September from the Terminus Tavern pop-up in a secret location in East London )to be revealed via the #terminustavern hashtag on twitter).
And if you're not in London but still want to have a taste of mock human flesh, need we remind you that the ingredients have basically been revealed in this article. With Halloween coming up, this would be the perfect food for your Halloween party. Just mince some pork, veal, chicken liver and bone marrow up, combine them together, mix in whatever seasoning you like, form some small patties and fry them up. Serve them as human-flesh sliders and your friends would definitely get a kick out of it!
Information Source: Metro

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