6-Year-Old Boy Who Vowed to Marry His Childhood Sweetheart Actually Marries Her 18 Years Later

childhood sweethearts
True love really does exist. Just ask Wang Zi Heng and his new bride. When Zi Heng was 6 years old, he fell in love with a little girl the moment he set eyes on her, and he told his mother that he was going to marry her when he grew up. Adults would normally just pat the kid on the head, talk about how cute puppy-love is and dismiss the entire notion. But Zi Heng never forgot his vow, and 18 years down the road, he fulfilled his fantasy by marrying the same girl he said he would.
It was love at first sight for 6-year-old Wang Zi Heng when he met a pretty girl of the same age in his neighborhood in Zhengzhou City, China's Henan. He told his mother in all seriousness that he had met the woman of his dreams and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.
Zi Heng and his little girlfriend went to the same kindergarten, played together every single day and were basically joined at the hip. They even used to sneak kisses when they played house. Both their parents found the young couple so adorable that they dressed them up in wedding clothes and took a picture of them standing on an old wooden bridge somewhere in the city. However, soon after the photo was taken, they were forced to separate. Zi Heng and his family relocated to a different area and he lost touch with his one true love.
childhood sweethearts
The years passed and Zi Heng grew older,, but he never forgot his first love. He wanted to search for her but he had little to no information about her. “I didn’t even know her full name, I just used to call her Xixi, which was her nickname,” he said. “I kind of always had her in my mind and when I was older I did go back there but she had moved as well and there was no way I could find any more about the family.” 
But as fate had it, the two childhood sweethearts were destined to be together. By a stroke of luck, Zi Heng's parents so happened to bump into one of Xixi's relatives one day and they organized a meet up. Naturally, Zi Heng was over the moon that he could finally get in touch with the girl that has plagued his heart, soul and mind all these years. He found out her real name – Xiang Chung.
“I got her address and a number and called her and arranged to meet her,” he explained. “I didn’t even know if she would remember me, but she did and when we met all the old chemistry was instantly there. We started dating and then we decided that we really were going to marry.”
On their wedding day, Zi Heng and Xiang Chung went back to the same old bridge to relive their memories and posed once again – this time, for a real wedding photograph.
There seem to be an increasing number of such real-life fairytale romance stories originating from China. Share this touching article with your friends and family members to reassure them that true love really does exist and is not just a myth concocted by story tellers.
Information Source: Oddity Central

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