Chloe Princess Pom is World's Most Pampered Dog

chloe princess pom
She has a wardrobe bursting at its hinges with custom-designed clothes, and she is treated to spa sessions and mani-pedis on a regular basis. No, this is not Paris Hilton, she is a seven-year diva Pomeranian who goes by the name of Chloe Princess Pom, and she might very likely be the most spoilt dog in the world.
Owner Karen Lee-Christian from Atlanta, Georgia has spent over thousands of dollars on Chloe's dresses, coats and tops to match her own, so her and her little puffball will always be co-ordinated.
chloe princess pom
Beside all of Chloe's custom-made clothes, her wardrobe is stuffed with accessories like bows, hats, tiaras, diamante collars and jewelry to match almost every outfit, and she even has two convertible toy cars.
She is also treated by her over-zealous owner to a spa day once a week where she enjoys a floral scented bubble bath, a manicure and pedicure, and blow dry.
Each month, she visits a professional groomer where she has her cream-colored fur trimmed and coiffed.
chloe princess pom
Chloe even has her own personal bedroom in the house she shares with Karen which comes complete with her own doggy closet and full-sized super single bed. The pretty little Pomeranian has become so accustomed to her life of luxury that she has turned into quite a diva, preferring to be carried around in her $1,500 Louis Vuitton carrier or doggy pram, because she hates getting her paws dirty.
Karen, who works as a real-estate agent, said that she treats Chloe like a daughter and she loves nothing more than spoiling her only child with the thousands of dollars she has spent throughout the years.
chloe princess pom
“She has over 250 outfits, some of them I buy from doggy boutiques others I design especially for her along with a matching one for myself,” Karen admitted. “I have a dress maker who custom makes outfits for us, each outfit costs around $50 but some of her more special outfits have cost up to $300.”
“She has over 50 bracelets which I co-ordinate with each of her outfits and she loves to stick out her paw and show her bracelet off to people.”
chloe princess pom chloe princess pom
“The most expensive item I have purchased for Chloe would have to be her Louis Vutton dog carrier. It cost around $1400. She's very spoilt, she's definitely a diva. Everywhere she goes she gets so much attention which she loves.”
“When we go for walks I usually carry her or push her in her pram as she doesn't like to walk too far or get her paws dirty.”
“I do spend a lot more than the average dog owner and I always spend money on her rather than myself.”
chloe princess pom chloe princess pom
“I'm not a rich person, if I had more money I'd lavish a lot more on her - I'd definitely be buying her real diamond collars.”
“She's my only child, she's so special to me and I just love treating her.”
Information Source: Daily Mail

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