A Dream Oh, So Special!

dream couple
I dreamt a dream years ago, a dream, Oh, so special!
Just a dream I thought it was, until it began to unravel.
I started out on a journey, one that I wasn’t aware of;
I knew that I was on a search, but for what I could not follow.
I walked a lot, a lot alone, but never did I give up.
Made some friends on my way, and thus I did go astray;
Forgetting about the journey I set, with only memories to take away.
They came and went, but nobody stayed; not long enough to walk with me,
So back again I would walk again to find the one that eluded me.
And then one day I dreamt a dream, a dream, Oh, so special!
As dreams are always meant to be, this dream seemed strange but special.
It warmed my heart and gave me hope, a hope like I had none before.
Oh, special it was, for now I knew just what I had to find!
And what to find, was none but love, my love I had to find!
My heart did scream, out loud to me, could your love be so hard to find?
With hope I set, on my journey again, this time just knowing what to find,
I searched a lot, but never to find a love so deep to fill all of my heart.
Then came fear, and followed despair, together they drove me toward a friend,
I told myself that this was love, a love that was meant to give, but never to receive.
And thus the journey came to a halt, a journey that failed and took away a part of me.
And then one day, I set my eyes on him, and couldn’t look away.
I thought I knew him before, but just how I did not know.
The part of me I thought was lost, thus came alive;
And it brought along a lot with it, a lot I couldn’t figure.
I had this need to talk to him, and that was all that was clear.
I tried a lot, to talk to him, to get to know him better.
I found it hard to get to him and thought he was a loner.
I failed at first, but this urge of mine, never seemed to cease.
And then one day, he replied to me, and my heart skipped a beat!
We spoke a lot, a lot from then, of such happiness I never knew!
I fell in love, a love so deep, that it filled my heart completely.
He brought me joy, and delight, and everything I could and couldn’t ask for!
Thus began my journey again, a journey I thought had failed.
Then he started to travel with me, and so I did feel complete.
We walked together, we walked a lot, but he never did leave me.
My heart again, screams out to me, was your love so hard to find?
Now I can hear his too, from many miles apart, scream out the same.
I’ve found my love, I’ve found my life, but I still continue to make the journey.
A journey that is meant to be, forever with him near me.
We walk together, we walk a lot, and he never leaves me.
Written by Aishwarya Vijayaraghavan

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