7 Most Psychotic Girlfriends Ever

pyschotic girlfriend
There are many types of psychotic girlfriends. Some girls who have been deemed psychotic by guys may not necessarily seem psychotic to others. However, I am sure that everyone will agree that the following list of people are probably the world's top 7 psychotic girlfriends ever.
1. Tattooist carved her name with a penknife into her lover's flesh
pyschotic girlfriend
A man's one night stand went horribly wrong when he woke up to find his body covered in slash wounds. Dominique Fisher who works as a tattoo artist had carved her name onto Wayne Robinson's body while he was passed out drunk. After the pair met in the Syndicate nightclub in Blackpool, they proceeded on a “drink-and-drug fueled 4-day fling”, but when he woke up the fourth morning, he found that she had etched her name “Dominique” on his right shoulder. He also had multiple random slashes from his left shoulder all the way down to his arm, and a bloody outline of a star carved onto his back. Dominique claimed that Wayne had agreed to the “tattoos”, but he firmly maintained that he never gave his consent. Wayne was apparently so inebriated that he did not even feel the pain of her slashing into his flesh. He went to the hospital for painkillers but he is stuck with the scars because he cannot afford laser treatment to remove them.
2. Russian woman blasted off her boyfriend's penis with firecrackers
pyschotic girlfriend
Firecrackers are used by the Chinese as a joyous and very loud way of ringing in the Chinese New Year. One Russian woman got innovative and decided that she should use firecrackers as a form of revenge. 33-year-old Alik D. lived with his girlfriend, Kira V. for two years until she suggested that they should marry. Alik refused and told her that he would rather return to his first wife with whom he had a son with. When Alik started moving out, Kira planned a farewell dinner for the both of them. After a hearty meal and some heavy drinking, Alik fell asleep. Kira then sneakily tied several firecrackers to Alik's penis and set them off, and off his penis went.
3. Gold digger beat her 77-year-old boyfriend with his cane
pyschotic girlfriend
Kristina Nikole Pongracz is a 28-year-old relatively good-looking woman from Goode, Virginia while her boyfriend, William Herchenrider is 77, filthy rich, and requires a cane to get about. Kristina was at William's sprawling country estate when police received a domestic call. Apparently, Kristina got so pissed drunk, she decided to take her drunken anger out on the old man. By the time police arrived, William was laying on his bedroom floor covered in blood. The inebriated Kristina was also laying on the floor passed out next to him equally bloodied, but she had no wounds. When she finally woke up from her alcohol coma at the hospital, she admitted to getting drunk and beating William with his cane, then passing out. The old man was hospitalized with severe injuries, but survived.
4. Woman stabbed ex-boyfriend in the penis for refusing to have sex with her
pyschotic girlfriend
British factory worker Richardo Morias must have been a stud in bed as it seems that women are clamoring to have sex with him. Ricardo dumped Tatiana Bastos for another woman, and Tatiana found a big, deep, empty hole in her that needs to be filled only with Ricardo's manhood. She stalked him outside his factory in Newark, and as he walked out and got into his car, she jumped in and tried initiating sex. Richardo spurned her overtures and instructed her to get out, that is when all hell broke loose. The very pissed off Tatiana took out a knife and stabbed Richardo in the penis. She also threatened to kill him and then herself. Richardo managed to escape the sex-crazed woman and had his penis stitched up at the hospital. Tatiana was charged with grievous bodily harm and sentenced to 32 months in prison.
5. Woman bit off boyfriend's tongue during french-kiss
pyschotic girlfriend
Tracy Davies and her 45-year-old boyfriend, Mark Coghill went to the supermarket and bought 2 bottles of vodka and some food for the evening, after which they went to a pub to celebrate Mark”s birthday. They later returned to Mark's apartment, but as the evening progressed, Tracy revealed how upset she was because she wanted to have a baby with him but she was not pregnant. As Mark moved closer to comfort her, Tracy told him she loved him and asked for a french-kiss. As Mark locked lips with Tracy and his tongue slipped into her mouth, she sank her teeth into it and bit it off. Mark watched on in horror as she spat out the severed organ onto the floor. Paramedics were unable to stitch the tongue back on for fear of infection, which meant that Mark will have to live with only 2/3 of his tongue.
6. Teenage girl crashed ex-boyfriend's wedding with razor and crowbar
pyschotic girlfriend
Lisa Marie Coker, a 19-year-old woman from Tampa was arrested after she crashed her ex-boyfriend's wedding reception armed with a razor and a crowbar. The newly weds were busy celebrating their wedding reception, when Lisa arrived at the door with some unusual gifts. Gail Hosey, the mother of the groom, answered the door to find Lisa standing there. When Gail refused to allow Lisa in, the wedding crasher attacked her with the crowbar until she was finally disarmed of it. The confrontation then degenerated into a bout of hair pulling. Eventually, Lisa sought to end the conflict by slashing the groom's mother with a razor blade. Deputies arrived on scene to break up the brawl - which sent the groom's mother to the hospital for 16 stitches to her arm. Lisa was thrown into the Hillsborough County Jail on charged of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and grand theft.
7. Girlfriend deleted off all of her boyfriend's World of Warcraft characters
world of warcraft
When her boyfriend went out to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes, leaving his WoW account still logged on, a jealous girlfriend did something unimaginable to all WoWheads everywhere. "He thinks he's going to be raiding all night, but let's see about that,” she said in the video.  “All he does is sit on this stupid computer, and play this stupid game.” The girlfriend then proceeded to delete off all his maxed-level, geared-out characters. Just so you know, it takes months and months of playing for just one character to hit the highest level. Instead of trying to talk to him about spending more time with her, she decided to take matters into her own hands. I hope he deleted her out of his life too. Watch the video below.
Information Source: I Am Bored
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