5 Creepy Curses of All Time

Curses originate from different types of races, cultures and religions from as long as anyone can ever remember. To this day, many superstitious people still believe in curses. A curse, hex or jinx is something of the supernatural and are usually associated with the devil, witchcraft, some kind of deity or entity. You might scoff at these “silly” superstitions, but maybe, just maybe, after reading about these top 5 famous curses and seeing the creepy repetitions in each one, you might just believe them yourself.
1. The Kennedy Curse
John F Kennedy
The Kennedy curse is a series of very unfortunate events to befall multiple members of the Kennedy family.
It all started off in 1941 where the curse first materialized and affected Rosemary Kennedy, who was often believed to be mentally challenged. Some sources have claimed she was suffering from mental illness, such as depression and schizophrenia. Because of her increasingly violent and severe mood swings, her father, Joe Sr., arranged in secret for her to undergo a lobotomy. The lobotomy instead further impaired her cognitive abilities, and as a result, Rosemary remained institutionalized until her death in 2005.  Then in 1944, Joseph P. Kennedy suffered a more terrible fate when he was blown into smithereens when his plane exploded over England. Just 4 years after Joseph's plane accident, Kathleen Cavendish, the daughter of Joseph died in a plane crash in France. Following which, in 1956, Jacequeline Bouvier Kennedy gave birth to a stillborn daughter. In 1963, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died two days after his premature birth.
Then the curse claimed the world's most powerful man in 1963 – U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Just a year after, in 1964, U.S. Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy was involved in a plane crash in which one of his aides and the pilot were killed. He was pulled from the wreckage by fellow senator Birch E. Bayh II and spent weeks in a hospital recovering from a broken back, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. After which in 1969, Ted Kennedy accidentally drove his car off a bridge, killing his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, thus ending his presidential dreams.
Meanwhile in 1968, U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles immediately following his victory in the California Democratic presidential primary. In 1973, another car accident happened again, this time, Joseph P. Kennedy was behind the wheel, and when the car crashed, it left his passenger, Pam Kelley, paralyzed. In that same year, Ted Kennedy Jr. had his right leg amputated because of bone cancer.
11 years down the road, in 1984, it seemed like the curse had already run its course, until it claimed another life – David Anthony Kennedy died of a cocaine overdose in a hotel room in Palm Beach, Florida. In 1991, William Kennedy Smith was arrested and acquitted with the rape of a young woman at the Kennedy estate in the very same city where David Anthony died.
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy was suspected of statutory rape after having a three-year affair with a 14-year-old babysitter. Before the case could even go to court, he died in a skiing accident in Aspen. 1999 then saw the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. when the aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, his wife and sister-in-law were also killed in the accident.
Skip forward 12 years, in 2011, Kara Kennedy Allen died of a heart attack while exercising in a Washington, D.C. health club. She had reportedly suffered from lung cancer 9 years earlier, but she finally recovered after the removal of part of her right lung, only for her to die in a totally different case.
The most recent time the curse struck was in 2012. Mary Richardson Kennedy committed suicide by hanging herself in her house in New York. Also in that same year, Kerry Kennedy side swipes a tractor trailer on Interstate 684 while under the influence of zolpidem, which Kennedy claims to have mistaken for her daily thyroid medication. She is acquitted on all charges on February 28, 2014. 
2. The Superman Curse
It is not easy to be Superman. The actors who have starred as the Man of Steel are not as invincible as the iconic superhero they played.
The first Superman ever, Kirk Alyn, appeared in two low-budget 1940s serials but failed to find work afterwards because everyone just associated him to Superman. He was relegated to voice-overs, commercials and uncredited screen roles. He later appeared as Lois Lane's father in the 1978 Superman film. Later on in his life, Alyn suffered from Alzheimer's disease and died in 1999 at the age of 88.
Bud Collyer gave the voice for the first Superman cartoon from 1941 to 1943. Unlike Alyn, he actually managed to pursue a career in TV after. He created and hosted the game show To Tell The Truth. He then returned to the superhero franchise by giving his voice again for Superman in The New Adventures of Superman in 1966. Three years after, he was found dead of a circulatory ailement at 61-years-old.
Lee Quigley played Superman as a baby in the 1978 film, and died prematurely at the age of 14 from solvent abuse. Marlon Brando who acted alongside Quigley in the film as Jor-El, Superman's biological father, is cited due to the misfortune he suffered in his private life, such as his son Christian's shooting of his half-sister Cheyenne's boyfriend in 1990 and subsequent decade-long imprisonment, Brando's own admission in court he had failed his son and daughter, his daughter's 1995 suicide and his later reclusiveness. He died in 2004, about four months before his Superman co-star Christopher Reeve 
The famous Christopher Reeve whom everyone agreed looked exactly the part for Superman, starred in the Superman film series, Superman: The Movie (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). Like Kirk Alyn, Reeve was so closely identified as the Kryptonian superhero that it was immensely difficult for him to find lead roles in other films. He was largely relegated to Superman sequels and supporting roles. In 1995, Reeve was thrown off his horse in a cross-country eqestrian riding event and paralyzed from the neck down. Reeve then died in 2004 from heart failure, stemming from his medical condition. Margot Kidder who played Superman's love interest, Lois Lane, alongside Christopher Reeve was known to have suffered from intense bipolar disorder. In 1996, she went missing for several days and was eventually found by police in a paranoid, delusional state. Reeve's wife was somehow also thought to be affected by the curse, she died in 2006 at the age of 44 from lung cancer despite being a non-smoker.
The last Superman to be hit with the curse was George Reeves. He played Superman in the 1951 film, Superman and the Mole Men, and the ensuing television series Adventures of Superman. Similar to Alyn and Reeve's predicament, he too had problems finding other roles. In 1959, days before he was to be married, Reeves was found dead of a gunshot wound at his home with his Luger near him. The death was ruled a suicide, but controversy surrounds the death, as Reeves' prints were never found on the gun, and he had been having an affair with the wife of MGM exec Eddie Mannix. It was Reeves' death that inspired the conspiracy theories and the urban legend of a curse associated with the character.
3. The Curse of King Tutankhamun
King Tut
This is the most famous Egyptian mummy curse of all time. It is a widely popular, superstitious belief that anyone who disturbs the mymmy of an Ancient Egyptian person, especially a pharaoh, would be stricken with bad luck, illness and even death. 
Archaeologist Howard Carter found King Tut’s tomb and its treasure in 1922. Soon after the opening of the tomb, Carter send a messenger on an errand to his house. The messenger reportedly thought he heard a “faint, almost human cry”, and upon reaching Carter's house, saw a cobra with Carter's canary in its mouth.
After that mysterious cobra “warning”, the curse claimed its first victim – Carter's financial backer Lord Carnarvon. He had been bitten by a mosquito, and later accidentally slashed the bite while shaving. The wound became infected and blood poisoning resulted, and he died.
By 1929, eleven people associated with the tomb had died of unexpected causes including Carnarvon’s relatives and Carter’s personal secretary. “Death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh,” was allegedly written above King Tut’s tomb, and many believe that curse came true.
4. The Curse of the Hope Diamond
hope diamond
The Hope Diamond is a large 45.52 carat deep-blue diamond that is currently on display in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. It is notorious for being supposedly cursed with a long recorded history in which it has changed hands multiple times from India to France to Britain and then to the United States. The diamond's striking clarity, rare color and large size has captured the attention of many.
The legend is said to have began with a theft. Several centuries ago, a man named Tarvernier went to India and stole a large blue diamond from the forehead (or eye) of a statue of the Hindu goddess, Sita. After he sold the diamond, he was supposedly torn apart by wild dogs while on a trip in Russia.
It passed into the hands of King Louis XVI of France where it was worn by Princess de Lamballie and Marie Antoinette, both later beheaded along with Louis, during the French Revolution. Many believe that any person who owns this diamond will meet a terrible fate.
5. The Poltergeist Curse
The "Poltergeist curse" is a rumored curse attached to the Poltergeist trilogy and its crew, derived from the fact that four cast members died in the six years between the releases of the first and third films. The rumor is often fueled by the fact that real human skeletons were used as props in various scenes of Poltergeist and Poltergeist II.
Dominique Dunne, who played the eldest daughter Dana in the first movie, died on November 4, 1982, at age 22 after being strangled by her abusive former boyfriend John Thomas Sweeney. He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison, but was paroled after serving three and a half years
Julian Beck, 60-year-old actor who played Henry Kane in Poltergeist II: The Other Side, died on September 14, 1985, of stomach cancer diagnosed before he had accepted the role.
Will Sampson, 53 years old, who played Taylor the medicine man in Poltergeist II, died as a result of post-operative kidney failure and pre-operative malnutrition problems on June 3, 1987.
Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne in all three Poltergeist movies, died on February 1, 1988 at the age of 12 during surgery to repair an acute bowel obstruction.
And to think that you always reassure yourself after watching a terrifying horror movie, that “it is just a movie”.

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