KFC Chicken Corsage: Nothing Says I Love You Better Than... Fried Chicken?!

kfc chicken corsage
Fried chicken is probably the furthest thing away from romance that you can ever think of. So when someone came up with a KFC chicken corsage, it got a lot of hopeless romantics sneering and crying foul (get it, get it? Foul and fowl? So punny!).
A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers typically worn on a woman's wrist or on her dress to a formal occasion. It is traditionally presented to her by her date as a demonstration of affection. Corsages are now most commonly worn for Prom or other similar events.
The KFC Chicken Corsage was sold out in its first limited edition run of 100. But chicken lovers need not despair as there is a second batch ready for ordering. Assembled and sold by Nanz & Kraft Florists of Louisville, the bizarre corsage's description reads: “Looking for a corsage that will make your date’s eyes light up and her mouth water? This KFC drumstick corsage is the Secret Recipe to making sure this year’s dance will be one you both remember. Just like the last piece of chicken in the bucket, when they’re gone, they’re gone.”
A disclaimer at the bottom of the description says, “Chicken not included (duh.). Each corsage kit includes a $5 KFC gift check, so you can customize your corsage with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Whichever best matches her dress. Local corsages will have fresh baby's breath and out-of-town corsages will have silk baby's breath.”
The fine print basically means that the corsage will not be shipped with a piece of fried chicken (because if it is not apparent already, that would be really gross and by the time your parcel arrives, the contents will stink), but instead, a $5 KFC voucher will be included for you to get your own piece of chicken from your local KFC outlet. The corsage is designed in such a way that when you retrieve your piece of KFC chicken, that piece is easily able to fit securely onto the corsage.
At the price of $20, this corsage definitely does not come cheap, but surprisingly, many people are flocking to the florist website to purchase it. Would you be tempted to receive one or get one too for your date?
Check out the video below to see the advertisement for KFC chicken corsages.
Information Source: KFC

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