The Perfect Boyfriend List Written By Two Little Girls

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We all have a mental list of how we would want our future partners to be. Two little girls, 6-year-old Blaire and 9-year-old Brooke also have an idea of what they will seek for in their future boyfriend and wrote down a “List of boyfriend rules”. And surprisingly, at such a tender age, they actually manage to get all the important parts down pat.
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List Of Boyfriend Rules
by Blaire and Brooke
  1. nice hand writing
  2. cutness
  3. likes parents
  4. not living with parents
  5. good maners
  6. good artist
  7. dresses well
  8. takes you to nice places
  9. nice place
  10. likes children/wants children
  11. nice jewlery
  12. listens
  13. don’t pick your nose
  14. no kissing on first date
  15. marry some one who respects you
  16. smart
  17. good cook
  18. has a good job
  19. always happy
  20. clean
  21. respect diffrent religens
  22. last name not weird
  23. very fun
  24. makes you laugh
  25. eats healthy
  26. takes care of body
  27. doesn’t tatle tale
  28. brushes teeth and floss
  29. likes YOUR job
  30. take care of pet
Maybe some of you out there with unrealistic expectations for your significant other should actually adopt these girls' more essential list. Notice how the girls did not mention that they would like the guys they will be dating to earn a 6-figure salary or anything materialistic like that. They mainly focus on how they just want their future boyfriends to love them, have fun with them, respect them and everyone else. So instead of finding that perfect someone, aim for creating that perfect relationship instead where there is always mutual respect and joy to be found in creating everlasting memories.
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Information Source: Viralnova
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