Grass Waterbeds: Hydrologic Phenomenon Known As Lawn Blisters

lawn blister
Videos have been circulating around on the net showing people jumping up and down on bouncy, swollen patches of grass like a trampoline. It is a hydrologic phenomenon and these spongy grass waterbeds are known as lawn blisters. Yes, apparently even lawns can get blisters too.
This phenomenon was reported on CBS news where a commenter going by the name of “panacam” was able to provide a likely explanation:
“Depending on where exactly this is, often times, landscapers will lay down plastic sheet on bad soil then plant sod on good soil laid on the plastic. If this is the case, a water line may have broke and now you have water under the plastic liner, hence the bubble. If it's not liquid, natural gas could also be a cause. The safe bet is though, there is a plastic liner under the sod and whatever is under the liner has caused the bubble.”
This explanation provided by panacam is very highly possible. The phenomenon is very common on golf courses where the blisters can swell up to immense proportions. One of the most impressive lawn blisters was reported by Greywolf Golf Course – an 18 inch high monstrosity that formed “because of a pipe that broke under creeping bentgrass on our fairway that has too much thatch.” The humongous blister had since popped due to curious passer-bys constantly jumping and kicking at it.
For all you know, lawn blisters could actually be something that landscapers would offer next time. You have to admit, it seems pretty fun just waddling around on the jiggly grass bubble, the fun only ends when the bubble bursts, but that can simply be taken care of by using an industrial strength sheet to hold the water in.
Check out the video below of a very amused woman and her dog playing with a lawn blister.
Information Source: Oddity Central
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