In Deep Shit: 4 Incidents Where Poop Has Terrorized People

Giant Shit Art
Awhile back, we brought to your attention how an elderly war veteran almost died a crappy death, literally, after the floor to his outhouse collapsed and he spent 3 days trapped in his own tank of feces, luckily for him, he was rescued on the third day. It seems to appear that being terrorized by giant piles of poop is not a very unusual circumstance after all as it has happened over and over again in varying methods to quite a number of people.
1. Playground Soaked In Chicken Shit
Playground Soaked In Chicken Shit
On 23 August 2013, a dump truck carrying manure flipped over and dumped its horrifying contents on a hill above a playground in Pennsylvania's Meyersdale Borough. Rainwater from a recent thunderstorm washed the chicken manure down from the hill into the playground.
The playground was intensely cleaned and treated with lime immediately following the accident, but tests still indicated that salmonella and campylobacteria were still abundant, which would make the park a breeding ground for disease. The Town Council voted unanimously to close the playground indefinitely until they can be sure that all health risks are eliminated.
2. Exploding Goat Poop
On 21 August 2013, an owner of a goat farm in Vermont woke up to the smell of burning shit in the morning. Apparently, an impressive 90-tons heap of goat dung had spontaneously combust and burst into flames on its own. Even though many of you will be extremely curious, why he kept a mountain of goat poop on his farm is not the point here.
The farmer and several of his workers rushed to the giant flaming pile of turd and tried to extinguish the growing fire at once. Even before anyone had time to call anyone, the blazing-goat-poo-busters, or if you have no sense of imagination and would prefer the official term, firemen, arrived at the scene. The stench of burning shit was reportedly so strong that it could be smelled 5 miles away.
Fortunately for the farmer, the fire did not spread around the farm as the manure went up in flames during the rainy reason and a number of factors prevented the damage of farm property.
3. Texting Driver Crashed Into Diarrhea Pool
Texting Driver Crashed Into Diarrhea Pool
On 19 August 2013, 37-year-old Matthew Bruhn was just happily cruising along a Platteville road, talking and texting at the same time on his cellphone in his rented 2014 Ford Mustang when tragedy struck. He rammed his sweet ride into the back of a manure truck, and like the way Moses brought the waters of the Red Sea crashing down on the Pharaoh and his army, poo started gushing out onto the streets. LIQUID POO.
The lovely Mustang was totaled but Matthew fortunately managed to walk away with just a broken finger leaving a trail of crap. Let this be a lesson to all of you out there. Do not use your mobile phones while you're driving or you could end up being soaked from head to toe in liquid shit.
4. Man Fills Wife's Hot Tub With Galleons Of Crap
Man Fills Wife's Hot Tub With Galleons Of Crap
Rene Daniel, 64, from Montreal was served with divorce papers by his very unhappy wife. Instead of doing what any normal man would do and beat himself up over it, or take to drowning his sorrows in alcohol, the former policeman resorted to a novel method of dealing with his pain; he decided to start a bath for his wife with a load of shit.
Rene was caught red-handed by police officers in August this year pouring in piles of gooey manure into his wife's hot tub at the house's front door. Rene took off in a tractor and the police pursued him. He was finally taken down with pepper spray and arrested.
There seems to be an unusual trend that these crappy news emerge during August.

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