Nazi Ladies: Hitler's Furious Females

Nazi Ladies: Hitler's Furious Females
We are all aware of the atrocities committed by the Nazis back in WWII. We always assumed them to be testosterone-raging men since it was a man's world back then in Nazi Germany, but there were women Nazis as well who were every bit as cruel as the men were. From the mother who shot Jewish children, to the nurses giving out lethal injections in concentration camps.
Erna Petri the Heartless Housewife
23-year-old Erna Petri was saved from the horrors of the war because she was a blonde, German housewife. She was returning home from town after a shopping trip when she saw six small boys scantily clothed, huddling in terror by the side of the country road.
Erna was married to a senior SS officer, and she immediately recognized the boys to be who they were; Jews that Hitler frowned upon. She heard that a few Jew children managed to escape from a train that was transporting them to an extermination camp.
However, she was after all a mother of two and her maternal instincts kicked in. She brought the emaciated children back to her house, soothed their frazzled nerves and gave them food to eat.
After which, she led the six boys who ranged from age six to twelve out into the woods, lined them up on the edge of a pit and shot them methodically one by one, point-blank in the back of their necks.
Vera Wohlauf the Whipper
Another sadistic lady killer was Vera Wohlauf, whose husband commanded a police battalion to round up 11,000 Jewish inhabitants of a small town in Poland for transportation to Treblinka for liquidation.
Vera sat beside her husband in the passenger seat of the lorry that led a convoy of killer to the town, and stood in the market square with a whip as thousands who resisted the round-up or collapsed from heat-stroke were brutally beaten to death or shot. To add on to it, she was pregnant at that time.
Johanna Altvater the Child Killer
Johanna Altvater the Child Killer
22-year-old Johanna Altvater worked as a secretary in the Ukraine. She once marched into a makeshift hospital and through a children's ward, staring down each bed-ridden child she passed, then she suddenly stopped and picked one up, went over to the balcony and thew the child to the pavement three stories down. She did the same thing for other children that displeased her. Many died from the fall, and the few that survived suffered from injuries so severe that they passed away eventually.
One child who suffered at her hands and survived said that her specialty, or in his words, her “nasty habit”, was killing children. A witness noted that she would often lure children with sweets. When the kids came to her side, she would instruct them to open their mouths so that she can drop a sweet in, but instead of a sugary treat, they received a bullet through their mouths.
In another monstrous act, Altvater beckoned to a toddler to come to her. The toddler unsteadily waddled over to her and she grabbed him by his legs, swung him up in the air and slammed his head against a wall as if she was beating the dust out of a carpet. She threw the lifeless child at the feet of the horrified father who later said, “Such sadism from a woman I have never seen. I will never forget this.”
Josefine Block the Murdering Mother
Desperate Jewish parents would often approach Josefine Block to help their children, assuming that, as a young woman and a mother, she would sympathize with them and assist their children. Little did they know that she was a cold-blooded killer who relished in murdering little children despite having a few of her own.
A little girl once ran up to Josefine crying and begging her to save her life. Josefine declared “I will help you!” She then yanked the girl by her hair, pummeled her face with her fists, threw her on the ground and stomped on her head until the little girl went limp.
She would often take her pram out for a stroll, a seemingly innocuous act, but with no baby it in. Whenever she spotted Jews on the streets, she would proceed to ram them down with the pram. It is claimed that she actually killed a small child like this.
She-Devil Secretaries
Mass numbers of secretaries contributed to the deaths of innocent lives as they were in charge of typing the orders to kill and filed the details of the massacres. These secretaries were at the very core of the the Nazi murder machinery, but they paid no attention to the lives lost under their hands as they chose, like many, to benefit from their proximity to power.
Female Hunters
Liselotte Meier
Administrator Liselotte Meier thoroughly enjoyed the war and the legal murders. She and her boss, an SS officer, were like two peas in a pod. They both shared a favorite pastime; which was joining shooting parties in the snow, hunting and killing Jews for sport like they would for animals.
Lisel Willhaus, wife of a camp commandment used to sit on the balcony of their house and take pot shots at Jewish prisoners with her rifle for fun.
Lethal Nurses
Nazi nurses
Professional care-takers were the first females documented to portray their sadism. When the Nazis came to power and imposed policies of the Aryan racial purity, countless nurses filled their aprons with morphine vials and needles, and went around slaughtering the physically and mentally disabled.
Pauline Kneissler was a nurse who worked at Grafeneck Castle in southern Germany and toured mental institutions selecting 70 patients a day to be sent to the castle. Back at the castle, they would be thrown into a room and gassed to which she expressed no remorse with the reason that “death by gas doesn't hurt”.
Midwives even joined in on the mass genocide. They falsely reported defects in unborn and newborn babies, and recommended abortions and euthanasia, as well as sterilization of mothers.
Nazi women
These horrible stories of malevolent women murderers are a dime in a dozen in the Hitler era. Over 13 million women were actively engaged in the Nazi Party. Many of these heinous crimes committed by these vicious women went unpunished even when the war was over. The innocent victims heartlessly tortured and killed for amusement by these women never got justice.
Information Source: Daily Mail

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