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The truth about orgasms. Only audience above the age of 18 are allowed to view this. If you are not 18 years or above yet, please ask for parental permission, which will probably prompt an awkward discussion of the birds and the bees. You have been warned.
In the 1950s, Robert Kinsey, the first scientist to study human sexuality in detail, once likened the orgasm to “the crescendo, climax, and sudden stillness achieved by an orchestra of human emotion... an explosion of tensions, and to sneezing.”
Scientific definition aside, the average joe knows it as THE AWESOMEST FEELING EVER.
No One Knows Why We Have Orgasms
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Scientists think that it is a by-product of evolution, like the male nipple. Or it could probably be Mother Nature’s way of showing her appreciation for us attempting to reproduce.
Non-Genital Orgasms
orgasm sex facts
On the topic of nipples, it is reported that some people can orgasm from nipple stimuli. Others have also claimed that they can feel orgasms in other parts of their bodies, including their hands and feet. Some have even said that they can feel orgasms in limbs that are not there anymore.
Women Have Two Different Kinds of Orgasms
orgasm sex facts
An estimated 24 to 37 percent of women can’t climax. The rest who are able to can get clitorial or vaginal orgasms. Clitorial and vaginal orgasms differ because there are different sets of nerves involved with each part.
Studies have also shown that the more “vocal” women achieve satisfaction on a consistent basis.
Wham Bam, Thank You Mam
orgasm sex facts
Survey findings show that males orgasm 59 percent of the time while their partner is moaning in pleasure, and only 2 percent of the time while their partner is lying quiet and motionless, but not dead. It is estimated that the average male ejaculates 14 gallons of sperm in a lifetime.
Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
orgasm sex facts
Sarah Carmen suffers from permanent sexual arousal syndrome. Although I am not so sure whether “suffer” would be the right term, she looks pretty happy. This syndrome allows her to have 150 to 200 uncontrollable orgasms daily.
The Animal Kingdom
orgasm sex facts
When Queen Bees mate with a lucky drone, the male’s genitals snap off and explode during orgasm. This acts as a plug to ensure that no other drones can mate with the queen. Overly attached bee.
Monkeys and dolphins have sex for pleasure like us.
A pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. Lucky pig.
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