Mind-Blowing Animal Facts

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We are always so caught up with ourselves and making money that we fail to step back and observe the world passing by with all its marvelous splendors and amazing creatures. Sometimes it just takes the animals to restore our appreciation of the world. Take a few minutes off your busy, hectic schedule to allow us to wow you with these incredible animal facts.
1. Butterflies taste with their feet
Gordon Ramsay Butterfly
These colorful winged wonders have taste sensors on their feet so that they can decide which plants they can lay their eggs on. By standing on a leaf, they are able to see if their caterpillars are able to eat it.
2. Cows have best friends
Best friends cows
Cows have best friends and become depressed when separated. Krista McLennan made the discovery while working on her PhD at Northhampton University. The 27-year-old measured the heart rates and cortisol levels of cows to see how they cope when isolated, she then measured them again when they were paired with either their best friend or another cow and the findings showed that cows are very social animals which often form close bonds with friends in their herd.
3. Immortal Jellyfish
immortal jellyfish
The secret to immortality could very well lie with this jellyfish. Of course this does not mean that it cannot be killed. It simply means that it can live forever without dying of old age. The Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish has a remarkable ability allowing it to regenerate its cells in crisis to their earliest form and grow anew.
4. Gentoo Penguins propose with a rock
gentoo penguins propose pebble
The Gentoo Penguins mate for life, but before they consummate their marriage, the male penguin proposes to the female with a rock. Just like humans! The male penguin sifts throw pebbles to find the smoothest pebble to offer it as a love-token to the chosen female which she can then choose to accept that penguin as her mate or not. Awwww! Sometimes all you need to find your way into a girl’s heart is through a rock. Preferably a big and shiny one.
5. Sea Horses never let go for life
Sea horses clinging
Like the penguins, Sea Horses mate for life too and never let go. No seriously, they literally never let go. Sea Horses roam the seven seas clutching on to their lover’s tail. This means that poor daddy seahorse who gives birth and takes care of the kids can never step out for a beer and have bro-time with his seahorse buddies.
6. Male puppies allow female puppies to win in a fight
puppies fighting playing
Male puppies will intentionally put themselves in disadvantageous positions that make them more vulnerable to attack when they play-fight with female puppies. These little gentlemen allow the female pups to win so that they can get to know them better and form closer bonds. Altogether now… AWWWWWWWWWWW.
7. Sea Otters hold hands so they don’t drift apart
Sea Otters holding hands
Although these furry critters can walk and live on land, they prefer living in the sea. But then there’s the problem of them falling asleep and losing their partner. They hold each other’s paws as they slumber so that they don’t drift apart.
8. Rats laugh
Baby itty bitty rat
Rats apparently have a sense of humor and are able to laugh. A researcher elicited laughter in juvenile rats by what he called, “heterospecific hand play” which is basically just a big word that means tickling. Their laughter comes in frequent, robust 50- kHz chirps and it has bee discovered that the rats actually seek human hands that have made them laugh.
9. Baby Chimpanzees play with dolls
baby chimpanzee running
Baby chimps have been observed to play “make-believe” with sticks; cradling them, scolding them and fake-feeding them, the way young children behave with dolls.
10. Squirrels are responsible for the growth of millions of trees
Squirrel nuts
Squirrels are nut hoarders. They hoard so much nuts that they keep forgetting where they stored them which result in millions of trees being grown annually from the forgotten nuts.
The wonderful world of animals just keeps surprising.
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