For Sale: Virginity

For Sale: Virginity
A girl’s virginity is priceless. Once it has been taken, it can never be recovered back. Some girls however, believe that they can put a price on their virginity. For virgins, they can be kind of slutty. Smart and slutty. But given how almost every young girl is more than willing to spread their legs for any sweet-talking men these days, who gives a shit about giving yourself to your lifelong partner when you can cash in big time on your virginity eh?
1. Catarina Migliorini
Catarina Migliorini
The 20-year-old Brazilian hottie auctioned off her virginity at a staggering $780,000.
2. Natalie Dylan
Natalie Dylan
Natalie Dylan went on Howard Stern to sell her virginity. It is rumoured that bids on her first sexual experience went up as high as $3.7 million. Even though the deed was never carried out, she still managed to walk away with $250,000 for doing absolutely nothing at all. Natalie looks suspiciously like Snooki. Hmmm... But then again, Snooki will never charge for sex. Nope, Snooki’s too classy for that. Snooki’s modus operandi would be to latch on to a man’s face with those stubby legs of hers and demand for pleasure.
3. Ungirl
A busty 19-year-old New Zealand girl identified only as Ungirl received over 1,200 bids on her virginity. The highest bid which she accepted was for a mere $32,000.
4. Alina Percea
Alina Percea
A 45-year-old Italian businessman received the honour of popping 18-year-old Alina Percea’s cherry with a lowly sum of $14,000.
5. Rosie Reid
Rosie Reid
18-year-old lesbian, Rosie Reid, was deflowered for $13,300 by a 44-year-old engineer and divorced father of two. Who’s your daddy, Rosie?
6. Rafella Fico
Rafella Fico
A bikini model and reality show star, Rafella Fico demanded for more than just money if she were to have her ‘purity’ desecrated. She wanted fame as well. Rafella promised to let anyone deflower her for $1.8 million.
7. Graciela Yataco
Graciela Yataco
18-year-old teenager Graciela Yataco is rumoured to be the one who started the first virginity auction. She was offered $1.5 million by a Canadian man but backed out at the last minute.
8. Anonymous Virgin
Catholic Schoolgirl
An unnamed 16-year-old Catholic girl put up an advertisement on Gumtree, a trading website, auctioning off her virginity. An undercover reporter made a deal with her for $10,000. When he revealed his profession, the girl claimed that it was all just a joke.
Going once... going twice... SOLD TO THE OLD GEEZER WITH THAT TOOTHLESS PERVY GRIN AND THE MASSIVE COMBOVER! Congratulations sir, please come up to collect your price. You can take her here or take her later!
$$$ KA-CHING! $$$
Information Source: I Am Bored

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