Beauty & The Beasts: Too Pretty To Work

Beauty & The Beasts: Too Pretty To Work
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For one woman, she claims to be the beauty and everyone a beholder.
Laura Fernee, a woman from London, quit her job at a medical research laboratory because she says that her extreme good looks are ruining her life.
Beauty & The Beasts: Too Pretty To Work
The 33-year-old studied science and medical research to doctorate level and began working in a laboratory in 2008. She was pressured to quit three years later because she claims that her pretty face and slim physique attracted a lot of unwanted attention from male colleagues, so much that she has been ostracized by jealous female colleagues.
She said that her beauty greatly inconvenienced her as she was constantly being harassed and bullied, and has decided that work just isn’t for her.
“‘I’m not lazy and I’m no bimbo,” Fernee said. “The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment. It’s not my fault … I can’t help the way I look.”
“Even when I was in a laboratory in scrubs with no make-up they still came on to me because of my natural attractiveness. There was nothing I could do to stop it,” Fernee commented.
Beauty & The Beasts: Too Pretty To Work
She alleged that men were always leaving romantic gifts on her desk and she was frequently being asked out which she thought to be ‘sleazy’.
“Male colleagues were only interested in me for how I looked. I wanted them to recognize my achievements and my professionalism but all they saw was my face and body.”
Fernee expressed disappointment at how she didn't get the recognition she deserved for her scientific achievements as people only paid attention to her looks.
“They [other women] assumed because I was pretty, I was stupid, so didn’t take me seriously at first and, because of their own insecurities, were jealous of my looks. Then when they realised I was very good at my job, possibly better than them, they hated me even more,” Fernee said.
Beauty & The Beasts: Too Pretty To Work
Fernee who is currently unemployed is living off her wealthy parents who are now extremely famous for raising the most beautiful, humble, modest, and intelligent human being to have ever walked the earth. She left her £30,000 medical research job two years ago and her parents are picking up not only her rent and utilities bills, but also her expenses and clothing bill which amounts to £63,000 a year. Presently, Fernee is working on a book on being too pretty to work. 
She said her critics were “underestimating just what a curse good looks can be in the workplace”.
Beauty & The Beasts: Too Pretty To Work
My heart goes out to this drop dead gorgeous woman. Like really, have you ever seen a woman as stunning as this? I sure have not! I can’t even fathom how much trouble she gets into for her unfortunate super enchanting looks.
Obviously the main problem here is the men swooning over Fernee which in turn led to bitchiness from other women green with envy at the amount of attention she receives. It is ever so tragic that a beautiful, strong and independent woman like Fernee who is incredibly talented and learned is held back from working in the field she loves because of these incorrigible wolves.
That poor pretty girl. She is such a brave soul for coming out and sharing her painful story to the world. How terrible her life must be for being born with such inhuman beauty.
Information Source: Daily Mail UK

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