The Body Under The Bed

the body under the bed
A couple checks into a dingy motel room and promptly falls asleep, exhausted from a long drive. In the morning when they wake up, they smell a foul stench; they poke around the room until they realize that the odour is emanating from the bed. Upon lifting up the mattress to check, hoping with fingers crossed that it’s just the smell from the numerous times men have ejaculated on it, they find a decomposing body.
Next time you check into a hotel room and detect a funky smell, be sure to look under the bed first for anything that you can make a big fuss about to the hotel concierge like a half-eaten slice of pizza, used condoms, a lump of dung, or even a dead body so that you can get extra privileges from the hotel.
This incident, unfortunately, is not just derived from a horror flick or an urban legend, and it actually occurs more frequently than anyone would like to believe. In most of these cases, people will actually sleep on top of the dead body before they complain about the persistent stink.
the body under the bed
In July 2003, a man checked into the Capri Motel in Kansas City, he was perturbed by an offensive smell in the room and complained to the hotel management who told him that there was nothing that could be done about the problem. He went on to stay three more days before checking out because he could not stand the stench. When the cleaning crew came around to his recently vacated room, they lifted the mattress and found a man’s body underneath in an advanced stage of decomposition.
In June 1999, a German couple spent a night sleeping above the rotting remains of a 64-year-old man at the Burgundy Motor Inn in Atlantic City. It was only upon their complaint which led to the discovery of the corpse.
In July 1996, a woman’s body was found stuffed under a mattress in the Colorado Boulevard Travelodge located in California. The motel’s staff only found her ten days after she was murdered from the complaints lodged by multiple guests who smelled the odour exuding from the room.
At least 10 reported cases of bodies were found under the beds of hotels and motels in America.
The most recent rotting-corpse-stashed-underneath-the-bed incident happened in 2010. Sony Millbrook of Memphis, Tennessee, was reported missing on 27 January 2010 after she failed to pick up her children from school. 47 days later, on 15 March, homicide investigators were called down to a room in Budget Inn Motel where Millbrook had been residing prior to her disappearance. Her body was found rapidly decomposing inside the frame of the bed even though her room had been cleaned and rented out a couple of times to guests since her disappearance.
We hope that these unlucky guests who had the misfortune of sleeping over a brutally murdered decomposing guy at least got a complimentary bottle of champagne out of their gruesome ordeal.
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