Real Life Bra-and-Panties Match

wwe bra and panties match female wrestlers wrestling
A spectator at the scene of a catfight somewhere in Italy caught on video what will most likely be one of the best unstaged catfights ever recorded in history.


Any half-wit male should know enough not to ever break up one of those scratching, hair-pulling fights between girls. Seriously, just don’t. Not only will it end up worse than how the fight would have carried on, you are preventing the opportunity of entertainment for both male and female audience around. My suggestion is to just stand there helplessly and observe, while secretly taking pleasure in it.


Few men who intervene in a catfight live to tell the tale, but this is one of the few incidents where a bitchfight went right when a man stepped in to break up the scuffle. He dragged Girl 1 away from Girl 2 just as Girl 2 clung on to Girl 1’s dress and pulled.


Yeah, I would just leave it up to your imagination of what resulted from that, or you can simply check out the video below, in HD no less. You’re welcome.


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