Audition Videos of Famous/Infamous Celebrities

Back when they were younger, these well-known celebrities from the A-List, B-list, or the constant Rehab-list, were once struggling actors looking for their big break, or at least, had parents struggling to cash in on them.


Selena Gomez for Wizards of Waverly Place



Awww! She was so damn adorable with those chubby, pinch-able cheeks. I got to say, even though I am not a fan of Selena, she sure as hell was one talented child actor. Good for her on coming to her senses and ditching Justin Bieber who only rose to fame because Usher had a creepy boy-crush on him for his high, pre-pubescent voice.


Jamie Lynn Spears for Zoey 101



Doesn’t she just look exactly like her big sister? And no, of course she did not get the role because Britney Spears was at the peak of fame at that period of time. Jamie totally got the role in Zoey 101 purely based on her talented skills in acting. And then Jamie totally usurped Britney by getting pregnant at 16 years old, while Britney only got pregnant at 22. Well done Jamie! Way to go in following in your big sister’s footsteps, because we all know how wonderful Britney turned out to be.


Demi Lovato for Sonny with a Chance



I don’t know... her acting seems a little bit over the top. But at least they got that gap in her teeth fixed before they casted her on Sonny with a Chance.


Miley Cyrus for Hannah Montana



“Her star power was evident in her audition tape as Miley competed against a thousand other girls for Hannah Montana,” the commentator of the video said.


I am sure that it had absolutely nothing to do with her being the daughter of big time country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus, a.k.a. “Achy Breaky Heart” Billy, a.k.a. the guy who had the greatest mullet known to man, who admittedly had all the moves and the looks back then, which can be seen here.


miley billy


Here is a picture of Miley and her Country-Elvis dad posing provocatively together in a photoshoot. Hillbillies. Never understood them.


Linday Lohan for Parent Trap



I don’t even know where to start. Let me just say that I adored Lindsay, especially in Mean Girls and Teenage Drama Queen. I can’t even remember when it was that she started going downhill; turning into an ugly, desperate alcoholic, scissoring repulsive lesbians who look like emaciated Biebers, flashing her naughty bits sometimes with a peek of her fire-bush, and doing other stupid shit that would take me a whole year to list out. Sorry Lilo, you have been crazy for too damn long to dig yourself out of this rut. Stay in rehab.


It seems kind of unfair that the female celebrities in Hollywood are always getting so much shit while the male celebrities get away scot-free for the most part. But then again, who cares about sexual prejudices in Hollywood when the public can have so much fun flaming them? 

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