10 Useless Websites Worth Checking Out

bored computer
How many times have you sat dazed in front of your computer screen after refreshing your Facebook feed a million times, wondering what else you can do to waste your life away?


Well it used to happen to me all the time until I lost my soul to World of Warcraft. If I can’t convince you to sell your soul to Blizzard’s most popular MMORPG game (if you even know what that means), perhaps I can persuade you to squander your invaluable, frustratingly boring time spent on the internet away with these totally pointless yet amusing websites.


Click on the title of the websites or the pictures provided for your boredom to be temporarily alleviated.





The name is a spin-off from Chatroulette, with the exception of human genitals. This site is based in Belgium, and instead of watching live streamings of desperate people craving for attention, you can entertain yourself by watching recorded videos of kitty cats! Catroulette is backed by 5 cat adoption agencies and aims at providing homes for these furry felines. Each video gives you the option to ‘Adopt’ or pass by clicking ‘Next’, however you can only bring one of these munchkins home if you’re in Belgium. It’s still fun to view all the cats put up for adoption though, even if it gets a little bit depressing when you notice the counter telling you how many times a kitty has been ‘Nexted’.



cute roulette


Another website inspired by Chatroulette’s name. Seriously people! Of all the names you can choose from or be inspired by, you choose to get your inspiration from a notorious website which sick, sex-deprived men use to flash their dangly things to strangers? Especially when Cuteroulette is a website which consolidates videos of every cute animal imaginable for your convenience. Keep clicking on the ‘Next Cuteness’ button for cuteness overdose!



jim carrey


Jim Carrey needs no introduction. As weird and quirky as he is, we all love his comedic shenanigans. Sneak a peek into Jim Carrey’s mind through his interactive website. Click around the page and you’ll never know where you might be transported to. Even Tim Burton’s mind can’t be this wonderfully messed up, if that’s possible at all.



the useless web


Absolutely entertaining! Each time you click on the “Please” button, a different random, useless website will open up for you to play with.





Keep this website on standby and press the blue button under dire situations as directed on the webpage.



bubble wrap


Don’t you just hate it when the piece of bubble wrap that you have been gleefully popping for the past 10 minutes have run out of bubbles to pop? Save this website under your favourites for nonstop bubble wrap fun!
Note: Does not come along with the satisfaction of feeling the bubbles popping underneath your fingers.



red button


Do not press the red button. But if you insist...





These bean people seem really adorable to begin with.. until they start shrieking at the top of their lungs. You have to squish them to make that racket stop, and after a second or two of remorse for their poor little bean souls, you will realise that the inner sadist in you actually enjoys it.





Draw lines with your cursor on the black screen to direct or contain the dropping balls. You’re the master of all these balls and it’s up to you to decide their fate for them.


10. iGod




Don’t you just hate it whenever you talk to God but he does not reply? It makes you wonder whether he’s really listening to the crap you are complaining about or playing pranks on people with Jesus. Fret not! God is now available to talk to on instant message through this sacred website!


No refund of time wasted if any of these websites are not to your satisfaction.

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