Gourmet Japan

In celebration of the status and influence of Japanese cuisine in Asia, especially in here in Singapore, the inaugural Gourmet Japan will be showcasing the food, culinary talents and produce of Japan at this month-long event.

Gourmet Japan begins on 16 July and ends on 20 August this year, and is a must-attend event for Japanese fans, who will be familiar with the local as well as international culinary stars from top restaurants all over the world. Two personalities to note would be executive chef Sebastian Lepinoy from Hong Kong's Michelin-starred Cepage as well as Singapore's only certified Sake sommelier, Nobuhiko Sano.

Japanese delicacies are known to be both exotic and intricate, while scoring on looks and taste too. But how does one pair traditional Japanese food with fine wines? Just one of the highlights of the event, "Omasake Wine Dinner with Coldstream Hills" with Andrew Fleming will be held at Nadaman, Shangri-La Singapore. Resident Chef Koichi Ota will be pairing a special menu with Coldstream Hills wines.

Another reason to head to Gourmet Japan would be for the "Suntory Whisky Flight Experience" at Grand Hyatt's 10 Scotts as well as "Suntory The Premium Malt's Evening Indulgence" at San-Sui Sumiyaki & Bar at One Fullerton, where one will mingle with whisky and beer connoisseurs who would be sharing their knowledge and love for the respective alcohol there.

Reservations and ticking for the events has already begun and can be made at the official website or through the hotline at 6319 2153.

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