Lowrys Farm

Lowrys_FarmFor happy youthful wear for the weekend, head to Lowrys Farm at the new Bugis+ shopping mall.

Already with branches in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, fashionable Japanese casual wear label – the sister of other brands such as Hare, Heather and Jeanasis within the Isetan Orchard complex – has finally landed in Singapore at Bugis+ shopping mall, the reincarnation of Iluma.

Lowrys Farm offers high quality, trendy yet comfortable casual wear targeted at young adults in their 20's. Expect minimalistic yet girly laced outfits for the ladies and smart English stripes and denim shirts for the male.

Head down to the standalone boutique at Bugis and find your mood lifted with the pleasant pastels and fun outfits for all occasions whether for dress-down Friday or for a picnic during the weekend. What's more, prices range between an affordable SGD20 and rarely goes over SGD100.

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