The J.Myers Company

JMyers_Signage03The J.Myers Company Quality leather products almost never goes wrong – especially if they are handcrafted lovingly right from selecting the best hide for the application to cutting parts required for designs to hand stitching the creation together by saddle stitching at The J.Myers Company.

Founded by Jeremiah Ang, The J.Myers Company is one rare crafts shop in urban Singapore that does handcrafted products that would surely be presentable as well as durable for your business meetings and overseas trips.

The one-year-old shop peddles beautifully handcrafted fine leather goods such as beltings, cuffs, camera straps, pouches, wallets and bags, usually available in the three colours of Natural Oiled, Tan and Black from its small front at 5 Banda Street #03-90B at Chinatown. But fret not if you can't find a leather product of your need or want, The J.Myers Company offers bespoke creations too.

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