For an extraordinary war story, check out Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Life has always been wild for Louis Zamperini. A rebellious delinquent who regularly breaks into houses and gets into rowdy brawls, he eventually ended up discovering his talent for running which brought him to Berlin Olympics. Unfortunately for him, the second world war happens and he is brought into the war as a young lieutenant in the air force. When his ride crashes into the Pacific Ocean, he is left stranded on a life raft just as in the Life of Pi but a true life account.

A much more sombre and grounded account as compared to the fictitious account in now popular movie Life of Pi, Zamperini shares the challenges he faces from the basic of thirst and hunger to the bleakness of his fate. Together with two other survivors, they fight of expectant sharks and even enjoy a few of their livers. What's worse, he gets captured by the Japanese as a prisoner of war and is tortured both mentally and physically.

Penned by Laura Hillenbrand of Seabiscuit, the man's amazing tale of triumph is brought to life with stories, reflections and affirmations. She maintains the right touch letting the now elderly man unfold his story while keeping it clear and engaging. Unbroken is a book war story fanatics would not want to miss.

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