The Guardian Shield is a Real life Crime-Fighting Vigilante who Patrols the Streets After Dark

the guardian shield
Meet the Guardian Shield – when night falls, he emerges in a red costume and a mask to keep the streets crime free. Residents of Beaverton, Oregon can rest easy knowing that their neighborhood is being patrolled by their very own real-life “superhero”. And in true superhero fashion, the masked crusader has kept his identity under wraps because he wants people to focus on his mission.
“I want to be taken seriously,” he told FOX 12 Oregon. “Everything I do is legit, as much as possible. I make sure no one is breaking into cars, no one’s fighting, everyone is getting home to their families after a hard day of work.”
The Shield's gadgets are not as impressive as Batman's but are practical in his quest to eliminate crime without fulling hurting perpetrators. He carries a can of pepper spray, a stun gun, a baton, a flashlight, a first aid kid, a GoPro camera, and of course, a shield. He says the police are aware of his crime-fighting ways and he has only had positive interactions with officers. They don’t encourage him to intervene in dangerous situations, but they do appreciate being tipped off when there’s trouble brewing.
the guardian shield
Things have been going pretty well for him so far, and Shield says he isn’t worried about the possibility of his activities leading to a lawsuit against him. “If I intervene, that means that somebody was down and nobody was doing nothing, and I’m tired of that,” he explained. “People are sue-happy, but there’s also a reason why nobody gives a crap anymore and bad things happen, and it’s unacceptable.”
Locals seem to be pretty appreciative of his efforts. “I think it’s actually pretty cool seeing him around,” said resident Chris Delorenza, who loves spotting The Guardian Shield along with his sister Katie. But they admitted that their mother wasn’t quite prepared for the sight of a man in a costume. “She was getting out of her car and he talked to her and instead of talking to him, she screamed, yeah, she got scared,” Katie said. 
However, this red knight needs help from civilians. He is trying to raise funds to buy his own Shield-mobile, or in other words, a patrol car in order to cover more ground. “Recently, FOX 12 Oregon did a story on me and I’m getting a lot of requests to patrol and venture into other neighborhoods,” he wrote on his GoFundMe page. “My current mode of transportation is my feet. I NEED A VEHICLE to help my patrols reach further into the communities. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.” So far, he has managed to raise $300 out of his goal of $1000. I guess you can eliminate any possibilities of him being a multi-billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne.
Information Source: FOX 12 Oregon

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