Forts For The Poor: Nine Year Old Girl Builds Houses For The Homeless All By Herself

Hailey Fort
Most kids keep themselves entertained by playing video games or going out with their friends to do various activites. However, nine-year-old Hailey Fort is a child wise beyond her years, she spends her free time earnestly helping out the poor by building houses for the homeless.
When Hailey was just five-years-old, her heart broke to see a homeless man sleeping on the street. After asking her parents how she could help him, she has been assisting the homeless by providing them with food and housing ever since.
Hailey Fort
Hailey who resides in King Fort, Washington, is building a mobile shelter for her homeless friend Edward and others like him. She has an ambitious plan to build 12 this year.
When Edward lost his job working at a local supermarket, he was evicted from his apartment. Hailey took it upon herself to make sure he could sleep some where warm and dry.
Hailey's mother helped her make sure that the shelters wouldn't cause a problem and talked to their city ordinance, but the exact location of the shelter has yet to be determined.
“I don't really want him to be rained on by all the bad weather we get here,” said Hailey.
“He's really nice,” she added. “He's easy to talk with.”
Hailey Fort
WRCBTV reports that Hailey is surprisingly skilled at using power tools like nail guns, hydraulic staplers and electric drills.
She builds the homes from scratch almost entirely all by herself under the supervision of her mother. She will ask for help from an adult if she needs to use something more dangerous like a power saw.
Hailey probably got her talent and skills from her contracter grandfather, who she will occasionally call to ask for advice on building. She makes sure that her homes are well-insulated and leak-proof so that they can keep her homeless friends warm as they sleep.
Hailey Fort
Besides making homes for the homeless, Hailey also provides them with food. At just six-years-old, she planted a garden for the homeless in her community, and tends to it frequently. According to the Facebook page for Hailey's Harvest, her goal for the 2015 season is to grow 250 pounds of food in addition to handing out 1,000 toiletries, 500 femine hygiene products, 100 coats, and as many sleeping shelters as she can find space for. She is also donating 10 P.O. Boxes that will be paid for one year so that homeless people can have their mail sent there while they are applying for jobs and getting back on their feet.
Hailey Fort
There are many kind souls out there who want to help the poor, but don't know how to go about doing it. Some give themselves excuses that they don't have enough money as it is and can't afford to donate any but Hailey proves that you don't have to have a lot of money in order to help the people around you; all it takes is a little time, effort and unadulterated love. Those who wish to support Hailey's cause may do so on her Go Fund Me campaign, a little kindness goes a long way in making the world a better place.
Information Source: Daily Mail

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