What Your Doodles Say About Your Personality

If you are still schooling or at least remember the time that you were schooling, you may have spent a large portion of your time doodling nonsensical stuff on your notepad out of boredom and disregard of what the teacher is saying. Those insignificant drawings is actually a reflection of your personality, so you might want to pull out any doodles you have drawn in the past, or a friend's, and compare them against this list.
Graphology is the study of handwriting to predict personality. Some argue that there is more to people than just words on a page but graphological experts have made it their life's work in interpreting penmanship and how it relates to one's character. Graphologists claim that your doodles can be just as revealing as your handwriting, because unlike drawing, doodling is random and driven by your subconscious mind.
1. Repetitive Shapes
If your doodles are drawn in the same shape in a cluster or row, it means you are patient, have a methodical mind and don't give up on things easily. But it is easy to get carried away with that, so watch out if you tend to repeat circles or zigzags in particular. The back-and-forth motion of the zigzag lines, and the circles (or spirals) spinning around itself could both imply that your orderly nature is now stuck in a rut, and you feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again with no progress.
2. Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles and squares might reveal that you are a planner at heart. You are very organized and always like to plan things first before putting it into motion. And if you draw your shapes in 3-D (like a cube instead of a one-dimensional square), you are also working oon solving a problem, while looking at it clearly from all sides.
3. Dark Heavy Pressure
Doodling with heavy pressure might signify that you are a little bit (or a whole lot) tense. It indicates high energy, which could mean difficulty concentrating, tension, or even feelings of aggression.
4. Angular Shapes
Pointy shapes like stars and arrows are signs of focus and motivation. Drawing just one star could indicate that you have your mind set on one particular goal and you are expecting a good outcome out of it. Arrows mean that you are ambitious, determined and competitive. However, if you are drawing a sharp crosshatch pattern like bars or the angular pattern of a spider web, you may be feeling thwarted, suffocated or trapped.
5. Soft, Rounded or Fluid Lines
If your random doodles consist of soft, fluid lines, you are a sensitive soul. But if your shapes are random, like squiggly lines instead of actual objects, your sensitivity could lean towards instability. Rounded objects like hearts and flowers could mean that you are feeling calm, or perhaps in love. Remember to pay attention to any dark influences. Flowers with a round center and pointy stems could mean you are hiding your sensitivity under a steely exterior. For dark, thickly-traced hearts, it could mean you are longing for a new relationship or a better one.
Of course, one does not always keep drawing the same type of doodles time and time again, it depends on the individual's mood and setting. We have very complex personalities that changes from time, and sometimes it could be an incorporation of two or even all of these five types of doodles.
Information Source: ehow

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