Everyday Heroes: Faith in Humanity Restored #2!

everyday heroes
Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is still good in this world when everything seems really bleak and hopeless. As you read this article right now, there are thousands upon thousands of people being murdered, kidnapped, raped, robbed, and bullied around the globe. The evil in this world cannot be entirely wiped out, but there are heroes who step up to the occasion in an attempt to make the world a better place. We would like to thank these everyday heroes from the bottom of our hearts for restoring our faith in humanity.
1. Police Officer Prevents Hundreds From Jumping Off The Golden Gate Bridge
Kevin Briggs
California Highway Patrolman Sgt. Kevin Briggs has been patrolling Marin County's highways for 22 years, and part of his beat includes the Golden Gate Bridge. Now I know you might be thinking that there is nothing special with this story because this guy is a cop and this is what he's getting paid for. But how many of you can stay in the same job for 22 years straight and still devote so much time and attention to it? Sgt. Briggs dedicates his life to saving people and that is what he has been doing all these years, while many other cops cannot be assed to even stay on their patrol route and instead head off somewhere to slack off with their other disinterested cop friends.
The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is America's hottest suicide spot. In fact, it is the second most used suicide destination in the world with the third being Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Over 1,600 people have committed suicide from jumping off that bridge so you can imagine that Sgt. Briggs has his hands quite full.
Sgt. Briggs estimates that he talks at least 2 people out of jumping every month. Can you imagine the crazy amount of stress he has to deal with during the time the person is standing on the ledge? Whether the person hurls himself off the bridge when Sgt. Briggs is there is entirely his responsibility. Sgt. Briggs usually gets the suicidal person to list the things they have to live for, and if that doesn't work to much effect, Sgt. Briggs would recount the time he beat cancer.
In all his 22 years working in the force, Sgt. Briggs only had one person jumping on him on his watch. While that might be pretty traumatizing for Sgt. Briggs, it is quite impressive that he actually managed to convince the other hundreds of people to continue with life. Sgt. Briggs' commitment to saving human lives on the bridge has earned him the nickname “Guardian of the Golden Bridge”.
2. Doctor Performs 30,000 Surgeries For Free In Warzones
Gino Strada
Doctors (and let's not forget the nurses) are generally regarded as life-savers. However while many doctors charge exorbitant fees so that you can live to see another day, Dr. Gino Strada who specializes in heart and lung transplants do it absolutely for free and even put his life on the line while going about doing it.
Dr. Strada is practically a walking surgery machine who volunteers his services in the most dangerous, god-forsaken places of earth. He has performed his surgical prowess on victims of war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Cambodia refusing any form of payment other than that of satisfaction of healing a broken man.
In Dr. Strada's 25 years of volunteering in war zones, he has performed an astounding amount of 30,000 life-saving surgeries. Which means on average, he performs on 3 people every day!
Besides Dr. Strada volunteering his personal services where even the devote does not dare tread, he also has 47 fully-functioning non-profit medical facilities (he is the founder of Emergency USA) set up in war zones where it has saved the lives of over 5 million people in the last 18 years.
When asked if the good doctor would like to return back home to the ever so picturesque Venice since he has already contributed so much to humanity, he simply replied, “I'm a surgical animal. I like to be in the operating room.”
3. Japanese Commuters Pushed Train Off Trapped Woman
japanese push train off woman
While Japan might be home to some of the weirdest and most disturbing products and films ever made, the Japanese are also well-known for their insane generosity, hospitality and altruism. During a Tokyo morning rush-hour, a 30-year-old woman tried to exit a train but instead fell into the gap between the train and the platform. Lost in the shadows underneath the throng of working professionals, no one would have noticed her for sure and she would face imminent doom once the train starts moving off, mashing her to a pulp.
Fortunately for her, several eagle-eyed commuters witnessed her falling in between the gap and somehow the word went around almost at the speed of light as all the commuters immediately started pushing against the 30,000kg train. The collective effort of the commuters made it possible so that the train would be swayed a little to its side for someone to reach into the wider gap to pull the woman out to safety all within 8 minutes.
The woman escaped with just a few scratches and bruises and everyone continued with the hustle-and-bustle of Japanese life like as though extreme benevolence occurred daily, and it probably does in Japan!

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