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tom cruise mission impossible
No mission seems impossible for Tom Cruise. Other than saving the entire world from total destruction and domination on the big screen, Tom Cruise has actually saved a few lives in reality.
tom cruise yacht
While cruising the Mediterranean off the Island of Capri in a chartered 247-foot yacht, Tom Cruise spotted a sailboat on fire and five people bobbing on a rubber raft nearby. Without a second’s hesitation, Cruise immediately sent over his yacht’s skiff to bring the victims to safety. Just moments after the shipwrecked crew—French paper tycoon Jacques Lejeune, 68, his wife, Bernadette, 42, daughter Eugénie, 7, and two crew members—reached safety, their 63-foot vessel sank.
The actor’s delighted publicist said that Cruise, “did what any decent person would do.”
“"If I ever get in trouble, I hope Tom Cruise is nearby."
tom cruise war of the worlds
Earlier the same year, after witnessing a hit-and-run accident, Cruise called for an ambulance and stayed with the victim, Heloisa Vinhas, a 23-year-old aspiring actress who just got off from her job as a cashier in California Chicken Cafe. Cruise followed Vinhas to UCLA Medical Center where she was treated for a broken leg and a couple of bruised ribs. After discovering that she was not insured, Cruise generously paid for the emergency room bill of US$7,000.
After Vinhas fully recovered from her injuries and had her cast and brace removed, she met Cruise again on the Beverly Hills set where he was shooting Jerry Maguire to thank him personally.
“If he's not Superman, he can be Batman—Batman doesn't have super powers,” an enthusiastic Vinhas remarked adoringly. "It's a weird thing, it's like karma," she continues, "it's like, bang, and something [becomes] possible for him."
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In another real life rescue mission, Cruise reportedly rescued 2 boys from a stampede of his own fans. Laurence Sandler, 7, and Christos Tzanetis, 13, were nearly crushed against the police barricades by a frenzied mob at one of his film premieres as the surging crowd rushed forward to Cruise. Cruise caught sight of Sandler being pinned against a steel bar that was catching him just below his chin. Cruise grabbed Sandler’s arm and pulled him to safety, then called a police officer for assistance. A few minutes later, he did the same for Tzanetis.
"He is my hero," says Sadler, who lives with his divorced mother, Kim, 30, in a London suburb. "Every night I say good-night to him when I pass his poster in my room."
"We could have had a tragedy on our hands—we are very grateful to Tom," says Tzanetis's mother, Anna, 33.
tom cruise mission impossible
This goes to show that you can be anything you want if you believe in it enough like Tom Cruise did. But be careful about what you wish for; being a magnet for disaster and consistently having to salvage the situation gets old pretty fast.
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