Rocking Out: 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy

Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
Here is a girl who will make you feel ashamed of your adult self for aimlessly slogging your way through life with no hopes or dreams and nothing to look forward to. Brooke Raboutou has been pursuing her dream ever since she could walk, she started scaling up intimidating rock walls from a tender age and went on to shatter multiple world records, and she is just 11!

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Real-Life Daredevil: Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

Boy Who Sees Without Eyes Ben Underwood
Daredevil is a Marvel superhero who lost his sight to a radioactive substance. However his remaining four senses are heightened after the accident and they enable him to develop a superhuman ability of seeing without eyes. He is able to “see” everything in a room in his head even when there is nothing moving nor making a sound. His special talent makes it possible for him to “see” what or who are behind walls and pillars, which puts him at a higher vantage point than his enemies. This may seem impossible in the real world but a boy named Ben Underwood managed to successfully harness the powers of Daredevil.

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Sam Goh – Advocate for Financial Freedom

Ever wonder if it is possible to have your own financial consultancy firm when you are still a student? Look no further than Sam Goh Nai De, a second-year business management student from the Singapore Management University (SMU).

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Duanna Pang-Dokland – Igniting Possibility

Duanna Pang-Dokland is the woman behind Igniting Possibility, a coaching business that works with entrepreneurs and executives who want to rock their career while making a difference in the world. As a solo entrepreneur, she does this through one-on-one or team coaching sessions in the areas of leadership and team development, work/life balance, sales and business growth. We hear from lady her entrepreneurial journey and her experience as a life coach.

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Social Worker Mohamed Fareez


“Are you a volunteer?”

This is a question often posed by people whenever I inform them that I am a social worker.

Well, a social worker is not a volunteer nor is he a superhero. A social worker is also not a counselor although he may have to do some form of counseling in his line of work. So, who exactly is a social worker?

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