Rocking Out: 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy

Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
Here is a girl who will make you feel ashamed of your adult self for aimlessly slogging your way through life with no hopes or dreams and nothing to look forward to. Brooke Raboutou has been pursuing her dream ever since she could walk, she started scaling up intimidating rock walls from a tender age and went on to shatter multiple world records, and she is just 11!
Brooke Raboutou comes from a family of professional rock climbers and when she was first introduced to it as a toddler, she took to it like a mountain goat on steroids.
Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
“When I'm on a high rock, I feel I'm in control and just happy,” Brooke cheerfully said.
Brooke has completed seven record-setting climbs around the world in the past four years that even older, more experienced climbers find of extreme difficulty.
“You're talking about 0.0001 percent of the climbing community that can do these climbs,” Brooke's climbing coach, Garrett Gregor proudly claimed. “She's able to do climbs that people once thought were impossible.”
Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
“I love climbing because... well, there is a lot of challenges in climbing. I don't know... it seems so cool just to be doing moves after moves in different holes, there are so many different ways that you can climb,” Brooke explained her passion.
This rock climbing child prodigy comes with the full package; she has incredibly strong fingers which allow her to hook onto a tiny rock and haul her body weight up, and her child flexibility lets her twist and turn in various positions that the average climber will not be able to achieve. Most importantly, her sheer determination and her tenacity for success made her into what she is today.
Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
Brooke and Robyn
The passion for rock climbing most definitely runs in her blood. Brooke comes from a long line of champion world cup climbers. Her mother, Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, started climbing at the age of 18 and entered her first world cup competition in 1989, she went on to win four world cup titles in a row.
Robyn also coaches Brooke but insisted that she does not really have to do much because Brooke is “hard on herself so I don't need to be hard on Brooke. She's her boss and I'm always there to give her just the tools that she needs to help her progress to the level she wants to be at.”
Despite this, Brooke confessed that its gets quite tiring when her mother is coaching her because she gets quite frustrated with her mother at times.
Brooke acknowledges that her success did not derive from a natural born talent. “To be a really good climber, you can't just have it, you'll have to train really hard, so I take it pretty seriously.”
Robyn started introducing her children to climbing at a very young age. They used to live in France with a climbing gym in their backyard. As soon as her children started walking, she and her husband would put on climbing harnesses and let them climb by themselves.
Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
Robyn, Brooke and Didier
While Robyn might seem like the dominant parent primarily involved in Brooke's rock climbing abilities, that is not the case. It comes from the combined efforts of Brooke's sheer determination and both her parents' support. Brooke's father, Didier Raboutou, single-handedly built a climbing gym in the basement of their house for Brooke and her siblings to practice. He was also an outstanding rock climber in his heyday where he participated in world cups and won numerous big competitions.
“I like to look for challenges. It keeps me motivated and I don't like doing the same thing all the time,” Brooke said.
Brooke Raboutou 11-Year-Old Rock Climbing Prodigy
With all things considered, this fearless little girl could teach us a thing or two about climbing and reaching to greater heights just by setting our hearts on it. Her unwavering steadfastness and willpower to push on and never give up is incredibly admirable. If all of us could just adopt a little bit of the courage and persistence she portrays in our daily lives; with every single rock we manage to pull ourselves up on, brings us closer to the goals we have always wanted to achieve.
Check out the video below for Brooke's rocking story.

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