The Importance of Television

Introduced to Singapore in 1963, the role of television was looked upon as a channel to inform the citizens of the government’s policies. Television was a powerful tool for national integration, with entertainment as a secondary role of attracting viewers. The government has to strike the right balance between disseminating information and providing entertainment to the people.

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A Chance Encounter with Dignity


I was walking around, surveying the construction site for the new S$1.2 billion Sports Hub in Kallang when I chanced upon Uncle Teo.

It is a cool afternoon as he sits there, apparently taking a break from sweeping the grounds. A broom and a dust pan by his side the dead giveaways. The small and narrow walkway which runs between the Stadium train station and the construction site is not exactly where one would take a rest, for there is no shelter from the elements. But today’s weather is a merciful one.

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Singlish; Can or Cannot?



Hate it or love it, everybody in Singapore uses Singlish. I have been in Singapore my whole life. I am a local. Though, unlike most of my peers, I was handicapped; I did not know my "lahs" from my "mahs".


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Boston Bombing: 3 Dead, 140 Injured

Two bombs went off through the crowd at the finish line of Boston Marathon at 2.50pm yesterday (2.50am today, Singapore time). Officials and media outlets reported that the twin explosions killed three people, one of whom was an eight-year-old child, and wounded more than 140.

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Reasons to Embrace Criticism

Reasons_to_Embrace_CriticismI admit it. I care a lot about what people think of me. I go mad reading between the lines of comments people give me. I am downtrodden receiving negative feedback. Over time, people learn not to bother share their thoughts with me. Perhaps it is because they know how upset I could get or that I get all defensive at times. But really, feedback – whether solicited or not – is a great way for us to grow. Here's why.

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