In Defense of the PAP (Part 1)

When did this happen? It used to be that if you spoke up against the PAP, you feared for your life. But now online sentiment for the PAP has turned so overwhelmingly negative that I'm afraid to post this!

But what’s of note in this election is that my friends have the courage to stand up and say what they believe in, so I must do the same.

I am pro-PAP, but not a member. I am an entrepreneur, an employer. I am 42 years old, a father of 2. I live in a HDB flat. I previously worked in the finance industry for 11 years and was at one time a licensed investment adviser in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. I have written on economics, business and politics in various publications.

This is my defence of what the PAP has done. At the end though, I present my main criticism of the PAP.

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Nicole Seah: a voice for Singapore’s youths?

Nicole Seah has many labels attached to her. For one, in this elections, the young candidate is often singled out the adversary to Ms Tin Pei Ling; the voice of the youth of Singapore; the face of the National Solidarity Party. 

For those who have been following the General Election news, you will also know that Nicole is currently in the media spotlight as the youngest candidate running in Marine Parade GRC as part of the opposition.

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Tin Pei Ling: Is age or gender an issue?

Singapore’s 11th general election – announced to be on the 7th of May – looks to be the most exciting one yet.

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The Spirit of Resilience

The month of March has been a challenging time for us Singaporeans. With the erratic weather alternating between hot sweltering afternoons that made walking a perspiring chore and wet rainy days that inconvenienced our travelling routes, every day was full of uncertainty. One false step and the rubber band weather would ensure that we ended up lying in sickbeds, down with flu or fever.

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Are Singaporeans Apathetic?

There’s a classic joke that goes something like this: An English teacher was explaining to the class the difference between the words ignorance and apathy. In her attempt to engage one of the less attentive students during the lesson, she asked him to hazard a guess. The student remained completely disinterested, simply telling her, ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’

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