The Value of Anonymity

The_Value_of_AnonymityIn recent months, a new social networking site by Google known as Google Plus, or more simply as Google+, has came onto the online scene. Interestingly, Google+ wants users to employ their real name for their accounts. And to enforce this, any suspicious names registered will be subjected to verification.

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Currying the Right Words

The online world is a scary minefield these days. One careless word and you might detonate an entire chain of explosive blasts. Just take the recent news article in the local papers about neighbourly disputes for example – one that you are most likely to already be familiar with. 

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No thanks to the F word

Minutes_of_fameA 23-year-old graduate from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication stirred up great debate in the Internet sphere when she uttered the “F” expletive during her speech as valedictorian. The video uploaded on YouTube has since garnered over 220,000 views, with most of comments complaining about the unnecessary fuss over what appears to be her use of the expletive in an inappropriate setting.

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12 Years With Mr. S R Nathan

President S R Nathan will officially end his term later this year – 12 long years since he was sworn in on 1 September 1999 and re-elected in an uncontested election in 2005. This also makes him Singapore's longest-serving president surpassing even Benjamin Sheares's term of 10 years. And as he steps down after serving such a long period, the question here would be: ‘what do you remember about President S R Nathan?’

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Google+: Just another Social Network?


A couple of week ago I came across a couple of Facebook statuses on my news feed mentioning the new Google+.

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