The Meaning of Democracy

The_Meaning_of_DemocracyI have often wondered what democracy is all about and whether the liberal democracies of countries like Britain, the United States and India, to name but a few, are the best models for fulfilling the aspirations of the people of these countries.

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Relax, my dear

Relax_my_DearOf late, a few incidents have brought the impatience of fellow Singaporeans to my attention. First was a shoving incident on the public transport, and another an unreasonable hissing incident on foot – at the Botanical Gardens.

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Sims Social – Hidden theories of needs?

Sims_Social__Hidden_theories_of_needsThe realistic model of suburban living is taking Facebook by storm. Still in its beta phase, web-based application, Sims Social, has already garnered over 45 million daily users.

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The H&M Craze

HMCrazeOn 3 September 2011, Hennes & Mauritz – more popularly known as H&M – launched their first store in Singapore, attracting a huge queue of shoppers and campers.

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Role of the Female Singaporean

Work or Home?A recent comment made by Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew to a female student at the ministerial forum, at Nanyang Technological University, drew some criticism from the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware).

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