Home is Where the Heart Is

Home_is_Where_the_Heart_IsAlmost all who have turned over the newspapers and tuned in to television channels the past two weeks would have been absorbed by what had happened to a paramedical student in New Delhi on the night of 16 December 2012.

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Those Were the Days my Friend

My son was called up for National Service training about eight weeks ago. Since camera phones are not allowed into camps for security reasons he got himself a cheap phone, which contained only the rudimentary functions of a handphone.

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Beware of the Wee Hours

Observe the streets of Singapore as you travel along and one frequently finds signs placed at the junctions seeking witnesses to fatal accidents.

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SingaporeMemory.SgWhat constitutes a Singaporean? Is it the ability to speak Singlish? Is it the common love for hawker food? Check out Singaporememory.sg, a portal seeking the answer or answers, and perhaps add your own definition too.

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A Soothing Budget

A_Soothing_BudgetThis year's budget was called the "inclusive budget" by the Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and he can take all the plaudits for having delivered one.

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