These Parents Faced Something Truly Tragic But Life Turned Around For Them

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One of the most joyful memories a couple can share, besides getting married, is starting a family. While it is not an easy task conceiving and raising children, it does have its rewarding moments in life. Unfortunately life can be quite cruel sometimes even to those who does not deserve its persecution, and their hopes and dreams of their future children can abruptly shatter in a twist of fate. Many grieving parents often ask why does this happen to them, it really is a tragedy when it happens, but thus is life and it just does.
In 2012, Jason and Marie Taylor made vows to spend the rest of their lives together in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. And it is this promise that they would have to heavily rely upon each other for what is to come. They tried for a baby, and in a month's time, they found that they were pregnant with not one, not two, but three babies! They were overjoyed and documented their triplets' growth, but in 22 weeks, tragedy struck. Marie went into labor way before the babies' expected due date. Bernadette, Adam and Christine were born, but they only had a short stay on this world before passing on to the next. While the triplets were perfectly healthy, they were way too young to survive outside the womb. Throughout the 4 hours they spent here, they were baptized, loved, cherished, and thoroughly cuddled. They then slipped away, but their memory remains in the married couple's hearts.
When something as tragic as this befall couples, many of them would sink into depression and some might even left their partners as looking at their other half would remind them of the immense grief they are going through. However, Jason and Marie stuck to each other and recovered together. And only 10 months later, Lady Luck smiled down on them and blessed them with two beautiful twins. They could finally start the family they've always wanted and live happily ever after.
This is the Taylor family's heartbreaking story:
The Taylors' new bundles of joy:
Our hearts go out to the Taylor family for their losses and their new children. Share this story around and hopefully, their story will inspire anyone who went through a difficult loss. Keep your chin up and don't let life get you down, sooner or later, things will come around.
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