It Only Takes A Spark

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Love – a force more formidable than any other forces combined. We cannot see or measure love, but we can feel its presence engulfing us in a warm embrace. It has the power to transform us in a single second, and give us more happiness than any material possessions ever could. Thus is the magic and beauty of love.
I have always strongly believed that both life and love are firmly intertwined. In our conquest to find the meaning of life, we sometimes forget the things that truly matter. We try to enrich our lives with money and luxury items, and we push aside the only aspect that makes life worth living for. At the end of the day with everything said and done, it is not that diamond necklace, that fancy Lamborghini, that prestigious job, that huge house at Sentosa Cove with its own swimming pool, or that super yacht that gives you unadulterated bliss... It is that warm, fuzzy feeling you get inside from someone dear to your heart that really fulfills you.
Perhaps our destiny is simply to love and be loved. If you miss out on love, you miss out on life. We all aspire to live life to the fullest, but if we go about doing so alone, the journey would have ended even before it started. We cannot find the meaning of life by ourselves, but we can find it with another.
The moment you discover the wonder of love in your heart, you will realize that the craziness, the depth, the delight, and the ecstasy of it will make you see the whole world in a different light. It gives us the empowerment, the courage and the strength to dream and to live.
Love is all around us! Let us take this season of love to remember to love passionately and freely all year round. Whether it is love for your spouse, for your parents, for your children, for your siblings, for your pets, for your friends, for stray animals, or even for that sweet old lady who always smiles at you in greeting when you pass by her, love irrevocably and unconditionally. Everyone needs love in their life, like how a flower needs sunlight to survive.
Love is essentially spiritual fire that burns brighter than any kind of flame, and it only takes a spark to get it going.
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