Story Of Your Life

Story Of Your Life
Today, we bring to you: You.
Everyone is a product of themselves. The tiniest decision we make will be able to drastically impact our life. Ultimately we all end up as different people with diverse personalities. Our choices and experiences mold us into who we are today.
You are the greatest, most intelligent race to be found on Earth. Just by that itself, makes you exceedingly remarkable. Human beings are far more superior to that of any other living organisms found on this planet; we are capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, problem solving and culture through social learning.
The reason that you are here today reading this is proof that you made it through all the obstacles thrown at you ever since the fusion of an ovum and a sperm that would develop to be you.
We don’t understand the purpose of life and perhaps we will never know what it is about. What we can do however is give ourselves a purpose to our lives.
You exist, simply because you want to. Sure, sometimes life throws you curveballs that leave you depressed and miserable, but the exciting part is the challenge for you to get back on your feet and grab life by the balls.
What is to happen in the future is for you to decide, your life is an open book with blank pages before you, left entirely up to you to narrate. Occasionally you might encounter writer’s block, in that case, throw back the curtains in the recesses of your mind and let the sun illuminate the empty, unwritten pages of the words you can’t find, in time you will discover the words you are looking for to continue penning your own personal book.
You are a unique person with the ability to write your own destiny. That is the story of your life.
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