Food #03

Nestled among the mess of shophouses along Rowell Road in Little India is vegetarian cafe, Food #03. The environmentally friendly cafe also plays host to several small, interesting events such as the Really, Really Free Market where people come together to swop things they no longer want for something else.

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The Ugly Truth

In the latest chick flick, "The Ugly Truth", Katherine Heigl plays Abby, a typical career woman type producer who loathes the guts of Mike (Gerard Butler), a cable TV character she has to work with to save her job. Mike delivers relationship advice in a racy, disturbing but admittedly, humorous way that bears truth in them. And like any other generic romantic comedy, opposites attract and the two eventually falls in love but not before a hilarious segment on how Mike assisted Abby in pursuing the man of her dreams, doctor Colin (Eric Winter).

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Light and Movement Portrayed: A Tribute to the Art of Anthony Poon

Sense Surround, a series of red-painted steel sculptures by artist Anthony Poon, situated outside St. Regis.

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Photo | Egg3

Erskine Road is full of quirky boutiques selling everything from fashion to food, but the best spot for home accessories is this stylish lifestyle store, Egg3. Situated right at the end of the short lane, it illustrates the point that indeed the best things are kept for last.

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Photo | Flickr izzywibowo

Salad is a refreshing lifestyle concept shop along Haji Lane. It has a simple but sophisticated theme of black and white, and caters to anyone who wants to be labelled modern chic. Located on the first level of an old shop house, it stands out from shops surrounding it which sells mostly fashion. And at the same time, it is a great way to preserve old buildings filling them with stylish modern home accessories.

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